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dear warriors,

I need some help, can anyone explain to me what are press release? :confused:

I found a site that is making a press release articles. Then I googled for press release, and I found 2 things

1) Distribution - it distributes the press release.
Some sites state that we have to pay a fee, to distribute it
and 1 site that I encounter its free. (not sure though) haven't signed up on any site.

2) Press release article writing and distribution. with fee to pay.
The fee for both is quite pricey. even just for the distribution alone is quite pricey.

My questions are:
are they worth it?
Which site would you recommend for:
1) creating articles for it
2) distribution
3) selection of geo-distribution.

any other things that I might missed, please add some info.


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    A press release is just what it says - a release of information that is targeting the 'press' - i.e the printing press.

    It's a way to spread the word about something interesting that you or your company is doing.

    It's not an article distribution system.

    The reason there are charges is because there are paid news syndication systems that companies tap into to get your news on the desk of journalists - so they charge for their distribution into those systems.

    nothing to see here.

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    Originally Posted by chibobski84 View Post

    My questions are:
    are they worth it?
    It depends. Since press releases are geared specifically for reporters and producers, they need to be newsworthy. If your company is doing something newsworthy (like launching a new service, coming out with a new product, etc), then press releases can be very worthwhile. Unfortunately, too many marketers think that if they just slap the term "press release" on a sales pitch, they will get attention from news outlets - and that's just not the case.

    Originally Posted by chibobski84 View Post

    Which site would you recommend for:
    1) creating articles for it
    Be careful with how you phrase this... You're not creating "articles". You're creating "press releases", and they are two very different things. An article is "evergreen" - meaning it will be informative today, tomorrow, in a month, and in a year. A press release is time-sensitive. It's newsworthy today, but a week, month, or year from now, it won't matter.

    Ideally, you need a writer with a background in journalism to write press releases for you. They'll know what news outlets are actually looking for.

    Originally Posted by chibobski84 View Post

    2) distribution
    You don't necessarily need to pay someone to distribute press releases for you. Whenever I write one for my own business, I submit it to PRLog (which has a free option, BTW), which has a wide enough reach that my release gets picked up by other places, without me having to do anything.
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    Simply press release is like an announcement : launch a website, news, new feature etc.

    It is short articles that just announce. Like google created google flight. so, he create press release announce that feature and so on.

    It should n't be long as article and you usually attract media more since it just give them whats new going around company x or y
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