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I'm new to IM but I'm a voracious learner. Just discovered this forum and WOW!

I have a consumer product organic household product so nothing expensive (but it is a product that people buy over and over) I want to get some affiliates for my website. whats the best affiliate program to use to attract people? I'm halfway through setting up a merchant account with Share a Sale but I see a lot of people writing about clickbank.

From the affiliate's standpoint - does it matter what service I'm with or do you have to like the product? what are some good ways to attract affiliates?

Is there anything I should know about becoming a good affiliate merchant so people will want to sell/post about my products?
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    bumping! anyone have an answer?
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    Clickbank has the most affiliates (and also the most that are really good at what
    they do). They also have the most rules, including sometimes trying to tell you what
    price your product should be.

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    Clickbank is for digital goods - software, ebooks etc.

    ShareASale has tons of affiliates on their network so I'd give them a try.

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    ShareASale is a good start. You have to evaluate an affiliate based on their fees and the number of active affililiate theiy have in their network. You are not selling digital good so Clickbank will not work.
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    I think do JV, Ads Swap is a good way. there are many services for that. Also offer lists owners to share the profits

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    What is a reasonable affiliate fee?
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    sharkey, are you in the US?
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    Being a consumer product that requires shipping and other handling services.
    I suggest you to start your own e-commerce portal and promote it .

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