Do You Have Training Manuals to Help Train Team Members?

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Systems through documentation is the secret to success in business... as I'm discovering. You go from working in the business, to working on the business, leading to less work and more money.

I'm after great training manuals and documentation ideally to do with online marketing and related tasks. If they have something to do with anything we do, that's a bonus.

I'm doing "Work the System" and Sam, the author, has several good examples here: Work the System Documents

I think the best documentation is do step 1 then step 2... and finish with step 29.

John Jonas specialized in this in his monthly course helping you outsource to the Philippines, but really, his manuals are random and well, all over the place with vague suggestions. I learned great stuff from him, yet the "manuals" are basically articles..

Any suggestions, links, or courses someone has created will help greatly.
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    Hi Joshua

    I have made a complete private training site for my staff!

    it is full to the brim of mainly videos but ive also added a pile of pdfs with a worksheet to accompany each video

    all I do is send my people there and ask them to watch video 28 or whatever and complete the task sheet to be sure they have grasped the task or skill needed

    it works brilliantly and although it took me about 3 solid days to setup - I have never had an issue since - its all there and has lessened my work load in training new team members considerably!

    it might work for you too!

    have a nice day - Kym
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      A site purely dedicated to training. What a great idea Kym!

      Hmm, you've got me thinking now of the possibilities and how it fits in well with managing training docs, managing different versions, and ease of access.

      Is that the site in your signature? And you say only 3 days to setup... That's assuming just the site design and coding of it I imagine, but still well worth the effort.

      Hmm, maybe I could do a membership managed wordpress blog. That'd allow others to update training manuals via Author roles and it'd setup the site. Pretty excited about that.

      I only have two training manuals (1. affiliate recruitment and management 2. article writing and marketing) at the moment Kym, but they're top-notch. Happy to send you one you want as-is as thanks if you PM me your email.
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