Where can I get good article on Facebook Marketing for FREE(if possible)

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I would like to learn or search for some good articles on "Facebook Marketing" where I can get it for FREE if possible.

Can someone offer some assistance to me please.
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    Originally Posted by franloke View Post

    I would like to learn or search for some good articles on "Facebook Marketing" where I can get it for FREE if possible.

    Can someone offer some assistance to me please.
    Facebook marketing is very easy yo.

    Here are some steps that may help you out

    1. Find a niche

    2. Create a Facebook Fan page around that niche

    3. Set up a landing page prompting the viewer to click the "Like" button.

    4. Next, create an iFrame tab so that when the viewer clicks the like button they're flipped to the next tab which them offers them something of value. Like a free eBook, Podcast audio session, etc. They have to enter their name and email in order to receive this "Special Gift"

    This now includes them as a fan on your fanpage, and also as a lead on your list.

    but first you have to get the traffic..here's how you do it...

    5. Do your keyword research for your niche, and make sure your competing pages is under 250,000 when you put your search term in quotes in Google.

    6. Next using the keywords you've found, create a YouTube account with that exact name, or close to it. So if if was reclining chairs..your account should be YouTube.com/recliningchairs..and if you can't get that then recliningchairsreview or recliningchairschannelreview...etc..you get the idea..

    7. Next be sure to make a video on whatever your niche is about! It doesn't have to be super long..no longer than 2 minutes..but if you're camera shy then just outsource the work to someone else and have them make the video. Or pay one of your cousins or friends $10 to do it. I'm sure they'd be excited to make $10 in 2 minutes.

    8. Focus on ranking your youtube video and nothing else. Be sure to include a link in your description box to your facebook fan page, and also in your actual video include the URL to your fanpage. Most people are more willing to check out links that are on facebook because they're already ALWAYS on facebook.

    9. Now that you've got your fans on facebook, be sure to create your blog website, and give them value week in and week out with cool posts. Now you don't have to rank your website in Google because your YouTube video (s) (hopefully you'd make more) are bringing you in all of the fans.

    On your website you could have banner ads that earn you affiliate commissions, amazon affiliate links, etc..

    You also now have fans but also a huge list that you can start marketing to. You could switch it up and make a post on facebook, or email your list to send them the news that you've made a new post.

    Then just give them value week in and week out out for free..and occasionally throw in an affiliate offer to make yourself some big bucks.

    But you have to get good at Copy..and that's a completely different ball game..

    best of lucky..hope my novel helped you out! That'll be $29.95! haha jk


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      Chris Atla

      Thank you for the long reply on facebook marketing.

      What I need to some good articles about facebook marketing for FREE. so that I can do up a compelling offer.

      BTW also thanks to those that responded to my request at this Forum.
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    I'm not promoting my list here but I offer a free whole course about facebook marketing so, feel free to PM me and I'll email it to you without OPT-IN ... and u can also search on Ezine Articles ... or Other directories ...
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    I JUST wrote an article today about Facebook Marketing. I also so a lot of FB ads and FB sponsored stories marketing. On my blog you can access my article, and I have a free hour long FB training. It's really incredible and it how I learned everything. I get dozens of new fans, new leads and generate sales from it. very fun and cool. go to shelleyhobbs.com

    From laid off to 363 out of 40,000 on the Empower Network leader board = tons of leads and lots of sales. I'm a work from home mama having the time of my life!

    I Get 100% Commissions!

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    Hi Chris Atla,

    You forgot to mention the SSL Secure for FB Fanpages now.
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    Hi Sarah,

    Could I have access to your offer? I've Pm you already.
    Thank You.
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    I have a complete Guide for you Just CLICK HERE

    Hope it helpful

    All the Best!
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    Hi everyone once again and thank you for the respond

    I need help from anyone who can provide me FREE facebook marketing pleaseeeeee..

    Pls tell me where can I get this and then I will decide who to finish the job for me. OK Gentlement and Ladies!
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