My First Live Webinar Tonight... Any Advice?

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Any webinar tips? It's my first one! Already have the presentation set and have rehearsed a ton but would love any tips you have for doing them!

It's outside the IM niche and I'm betting that at least 90% of them have never been on a webinar before so it should be interesting!
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    WHen you get stuck - don't fret- just keep trucking...

    For example I do a lot of "live screen" type webinars and sometimes things don't load or you forget a password or etc... Don't let it get you hung up - just say "we'll I guess since we're live it doesn't want to work" and laugh it off and move on...

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      Be natural as possible even if you mess up just move on.

      Be honest and if you are getting questions and actually don't know an answer, don't fake it or make something up, either have them email you and get back to it and just tell them you aren't sure and will get back to them.

      Don't over promise and under deliver, do the exact opposite.

      Best of luck. Come back and let me know how it went.

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        Start on time. Get your technical issues worked out on your time, not the audience's time.

        Don't spend the first 15 minutes talking about how great you are and how much money you make. Not that you would do this, of course, but a shocking number of marketers make this ego-driven mistake.

        Provide some information of value within the first 5 minutes.

        Encourage interaction - get people to "raise their hands" or type in short responses to easy questions.

        If you get nervous, slow down, take a breath, smile. Have a glass of water nearby because you'll need it.
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    Thanks you two! I'm thinking of saving questions until the end so it doesn't mess me up...unless there is something really pressing that can be answered right then! I'm sure I'll be stumbling up a bit but I already told them it was my first webinar so I think I'll be forgiven! I should have the max 100 lines filled since I have double that in registrants...we shall see!!
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    Just remember where you keep the slides and other materials that you plan to open in the webinar. In the excitement of things- I sometimes go blank and waste a minute or two looking for it.

    DO you have a moderator or someone else LIVE? It is always nice to have someone who keeps an eye on the webinar while you do the talking.

    Have a slot for QnA and make it a casual affair. Chances are people might be scared to be the first to ask questions, so have 1-2 questions and answer them LIVE. By then, people should be warmed up to ask questions.

    Keep it casual, funny and fun. 1 hour is a LOOONGGG time to be grumpy and serious :-)

    Whats the latest movie you watched? Anything good?

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    Hi Jenn,

    In regards to questions:

    Take them at the end, and suggest people write down any questions so they can ask when the main presentation is done.

    DO NOT take them via voice. Have participants type in their questions. ESPECIALLY because it's your first webinar. You need to do what you can to run the show, so to speak.

    Some people freeze up when they hear themselves speak. Some people do not have their question as well thought out as they think they do. Some people ask questions that only make sense to them, to put it mildly. All of these things can throw things off course, but if you only accept questions via text, then you maintain control, and it ends up being better for ALL participants.

    Oh, and be yourself.

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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    Hi Jenn,

    I haven't done a webinar yet, however, I have done live classes. Like Topkat and Coby suggested, don't worry too much about mistakes. Just roll with the stumbles and laugh it off.

    Don't focus too much on your notes. Look to them for reference and to keep yourself on track - but speak naturally from your experience.

    Good luck!
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    Congrats! I remember when I did my first, I was so nervous I spoke too quickly and ran out of breath at around the 10 minute mark. Had to sheepishly stop, take a long breath and continue.

    So speaking slowly and breathing is a good place to start

    Smile when you talk and practice speaking a bit louder than usual, doing it will help you feel more confident.

    Most importantly, remember that this is the first of probably hundreds you'll do, so don't stress and know that if anything doesn't go according to plan it'll make a funny story in the next webinar!
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    Wanted to report back...unfortunately not with great news but what can ya do!

    GoToMeeting just completely froze up right at the beginning when only 10 people had been able to get on the line. I was getting dozens of comments on my Facebook page that people couldn't get on and the lines certainly weren't full.

    Started it anyway since I figured I could do a replay at least. Well three minutes in, my internet decides to completely go out. No internet for the rest of the night either.

    Crazy, eh? Since a lot of people were looking forward to it, I recorded a Camtasia video of me doing the webinar and put it out to my list but had a terrible response to it. They loved the video and the info. but apparently not enough to buy.

    I'll be back to tweaking my webinar and trying to figure out how to prevent those technical snafus...if there is a way to do that!
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      Really wanted to hear a success story AND Im sure next time will work out better.

      Keep up the positive attitude, Im Rooting for you.

      Promise Big.
      Deliver Bigger.
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    Try not to say 'ummm'! Be clear. I know even in some of the WSO's I've bought, I get frustrated waiting for information while the presenter is saying 'ummmmm'.
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    So, how did it go?

    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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