Online Marketing vs The economic crisis

by sebyyx
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How much importance do you think has the economic crisis on online marketing?
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    For people who's business is based around teaching people how to teach people how to make money on line, I think it gives them a boost in potential customers.

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    I think the economic crisis is a strategy for development of other niches.
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      Hey Sebyy , I think it will also affects the online marketing , meaning that less selling . I hope I understand your question right !!!

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    Well, the economy was supposed to have gotten bad in 2009 and yet this was a headline for last Dec.

    Online shopping for holiday soars to $30.8 billion - Dec. 29, 2010

    and so far this year

    comScore Reports $37.5 Billion in Q2 2011 U.S. Retail E-Commerce ...

    Aug 8, 2011 - "The second quarter of 2011 saw a continuation of this year's solid double-digit growth trends in online spending.

    So, I don't think IM has been hurt.

    As for offline:
    Several of my offline business friends had highest ever gross and net incomes for 2009, 2010 and so far in 2011 (all in business over 5 years and 2 in business over 15 years)

    So I think that it depends on what industry you are in whether you are having a good or a bad economy.
    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

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    As somebody pointed out above, online shopping is through the roof and I believe this is a direct response to the weak economy.

    Niches that save people money are doing well. Coupon sites and other types of discount sites are doing well. Biz opps are doing well.

    All of these are a direct response to the poor economy.

    Brick and mortar businesses that do well in a bad economy include movie theaters, McDonalds, and lipstick companies. Why? Small, affordable pleasures.

    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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    Originally Posted by ce157media View Post

    economic crisis really sucks
    So do posts that are made just to increase your post count.

    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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      We took a huge hit in 2009. By the 2nd quarter of 2010 things were recovering. Currently we are having our best year since 2005.

      Things that we saw (we sell a mix of industrial equipment and fairly expensive consumer items on various websites):

      Production equipment and industrial goods are nearly at pre-crash levels for us. Among the consumer items - just sad. People do not spend 100-700 on a gift as easily as they once did.

      But for those that market to other marketers, and sell products to help others make a living online, it's a gold rush.

      If you add the admitted unemployment in the US (9%) to the people who have just given up and thrown in the towel, and those who are only working part time and need more money, it is something like 17%.

      This is a HUGE marketplace, and we are taking steps to address this.


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    Yup, I definitely don't think it's making a big difference considering how much money is still spent online.
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    For example, in Romania, economic crisis affects online marketing. Bosses are afraid to invest in online marketing.
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      I think no matter what happens, people will always turn to the internet to buy things. It is not only more convenient, but cheaper as well.

      But narrowing down to online marketing products, or make money online products, the crisis could see a larger demand for these products in generally, as people look online to try and generate income.

      HOWEVER, I believe the people that will be attracted would be those hit by the economic crisis which generally leads to them looking for a discount. Therefore, people will be more willing to BUY cheaper products. Premium items could thus see a fall in pick-up rate.

      Personal point of view though.
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    I think part of the key is changing WHO you are targeting. Some people get richer in a target those people and promote what they want to buy. A great but funny example of this is wealthy people who spend thousands on 'therapy sessions'...for their dogs!!!!

    It's still not working for you??? Need direction?...
    ---->>>> <<<<----
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    I don't think that economic crisis will affect online marketing. Instead, firms will give more emphasis on online marketing of their business to attract more customers.
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    Personally I think that that the current economic situation makes online marketing all the more profitable. I track the current economic debt here in the US and in the world as part of my D.E.A.P. (Discipleship - Evangelism - Apologetic - Prophecy) Bible Conferences and I have this nagging suspension that we may possibly be on the verge of an economic catastrophe with global impact far more severe than we have ever experienced before (hard to tell to many variables)

    Because online marketing
    * Is not limited geographically
    * is extremely flexible
    * People can quickly communicate ideas in forums like this
    * Many products can be transmitted virtually
    * Technology is simplifying
    * Currency can rapidly be exchanged

    Many more people may be turning to this methodology of marketing which will create tremendous opportunity for the existing .. knowledgeable on line community who is willing to teach and provide tools and services to what may be an groundswell of newbies coming online

    I know there are a tremendous amount of newbies coming on line now... imagine though if all of a sudden .. during a short period of time the numbers doubled or tippled..

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