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Hi All,

I’d really appreciate some help/advice from some of the more experienced people on here.

I have recently had product approved on clickbank, it’s been over 24 hours since its approval.
I now have an affiliate who I have been speaking to who wants to promote the product on their website, they have a cb account and have tried to find my product, but it’s not in the market place. I’m not sure if I have to make a 1st sale or what the go is (seems a ridiculous rule) is there any way I can get a link from my click bank account to send this person?
I hope I’ve explain my problem clearly, feel free to ask me if I’ve not.
Cheers, Goublin
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    I believe you need to go into your 'My Site' settings and set up your marketplace listing (see the image below).

    If you just want to create an affiliate link for this affiliate then enter their affiliate id and your vendor id into the following page and a hoplink will be created for you.
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    Easiest way to send him the link is by using the following format:-

    http : //

    So replace affiliate, with their ClickBank username, and vendor with your clickbank username e.g.

    http: //

    This will take him straight to your sales page with his affiliate ID ready for comissions.

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