Looking for a specific type of Weightloss/Diet/Exercise Affiliate Program...

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Hey guys,

So I am in 2 niches. One is weightloss, the other is sports betting. I do quite well in the sports betting and am trying to get more involved in the weightloss scene.

Anyway down to my question...

In the sports betting niche I am an affiliate. My main source of income is where I direct people to signup for a free offer. They are then tagged with my affiliate link for life and receive regular emails about offers from the company. Everytime they buy I get commission.

In effect its like having people signup to a list that I do not need to maintain and I still get my commissions.

So my question is do you guys run/use/know any fitness affiliate program like this?

Effectively the affiliate program needs to have a number of paying offers (preferably some recurring bill offers thrown in as well), a free report/offer to get users in, lifetime tagging on everyone that I get to sign up for the offer.

I've been looking for quite a while now for a program like this in the weightloss niche but just can't find one. The best i've seen so far are clickbank products were the customer gets put on a autoresponder, but then I only have 60 days to get the sale. This type of thing needs a professional inhouse affiliate program, which I just cannot find...

Are there weightloss programs like this? Or is the affiliate program im signed up with in the betting niche one of a kind?

Thanks for any help and I hope I explained this clearly.


P.S I do collect my own email lists as well incase you think Im leaving money on the table
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    None that I have heard of

    And I am betting there is a very specific reason why.

    People in the weight loss niche are not like people in the sports betting niche.

    In sports betting you have a habit that can become very addictive, there is a lot of pleasure and instant gratification when someone wins. It is easy to stick with it for a long time becoming a long term customer. Because of this, I am betting that these sports betting companies have worked out their numbers and know that they can give you lifetime commissions because these poeple wil always be there spending.

    Whereas in the weightloss niche, is takes effort to stick with a program, most poeple on average stay on a weightloss program for 3-6 weeks, then either quit, or change to a different weightloss program. There is really no loyalty to one specific weightloss brand, unless the person has had success with it.

    People in the weight loss niche are more likely to jump from one company product to another looking for that magic bullet. Whereas people in sports betting or any kind of betting for that matter are very loyal to their favorite "system." Sports betters will stick with sports, slot machine players with stick with slot machines, card players with card playing, even though they are all gambling.

    But I am betting the reason there isn't is because the weightloss companies have worked out the numbers and it just wasn't worth it for something like that.

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    That's a very good point, I hadn't thought about it like that.

    I guess I was kind of hoping that this type of program was universal not just niche specific

    Thanks for your post
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      This is true.

      But also - Weight Loss can be very lucrative.

      In the sense that - when people know they are close to a heart attack they will act and do what ever it takes to loose weight.

      I am creating a weight loss program but I am targeting those that really need to loose weight naturally and now. (Or else..)

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        If you are an amazon.com affiliate and someone buys something tagged to you, anything else they ever buy in any area of amazon you get paid for it.

        and they have weight loss items on amazon. Heck, they have everything on amazon.

        44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

        Guaranteed 60% Opt In Rate Traffic-Real People-Fresh Today-High Quality Biz Opp traffic![/URL]
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    There's alot of fitness membership sites popping up. Pretty sure they provide recurring revenue
    Click here to learn the #1 secret to making money in the fitness industry:
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      Originally Posted by Steve Foulds View Post

      There's alot of fitness membership sites popping up. Pretty sure they provide recurring revenue
      Are there any ones specifically? Thats the type of thing i am looking for...one of the only ones I found was the TurbulenceTraining membership program which had a too high cancellation rate for me.
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    Go and promote amazon programs. They pay you whatever people buy from one of your affiliate link. Say for example after buying weight loss pill from your link, then check around and buy an ipad from your affiliate weight loss link, you get paid as well.

    Being the holidays around the corner, be sure you promote amazon. People are crazy about amazon.

    Hope this make sense.

    Anyway, what's the sport betting you're promoting. I am looking a good one for quite sometime and paid on time.

    PM if you're not sharing here.

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