When Good Is Good Enough

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This is for all the non-guru people out there struggling and bumbling along. I know who you are because I am with you. But I wanted to let you know that you are good enough. That you know enough, and that you are able to make this work.

I had an aha moment about two months ago. I think I spent my billonth dollar on another product that promised the world and after looking at it I knew in my heart that I could had produced that product. I even knew how to add value to the bit of information.

It was at that moment I decided to stop being frantic and manic in my internet marketing plans and to just buckle down and start working. I picked a method and niche I liked and went to work.

I put together a plan I would follow come hell or high water and just started working. In the first few days I had a sale, no it was not my first, but it was my first in this niche. It was at that moment I knew all I had to do was scale it or reproduce whatever it was that I did...and do it on a much larger scale.

My point is, if you are like me...and you love this business, and love doing it, and love putting in the work...but also think that you might need medication because you jump hop and skip from plan to plan and product to product.

Just take a deep breath, walk away from the computer, make a choice about the model you will follow, come up with a daily plan, and then get to work, and execute it to no end.

And when that FREAKING email from joe blow comes through telling you once again how he found the magic bullet that will put $10,000 in your pocket, push delete, fly the bird, put your head down, and go back to work.

As soon as you make that first sale, repeat, repeat, repeat.

And who knows...we might just meet up someday while we sail the seven seas...or wherever your dreams take you...
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    Nice post: kinda like Nike shoe commercials used to say "Just do it"
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      Spot on, Phillip.

      I guess my similar aha moment was when I realized that "JUST DO IT" and "TAKE ACTION" only get you started. You gotta follow through to the end. Finish the drill.

      Success comes with completion.

      Find something to enjoy about reality. It's not going to go away.
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        Originally Posted by dfs_dean View Post

        Spot on, Phillip.

        I guess my similar aha moment was when I realized that "JUST DO IT" and "TAKE ACTION" only get you started. You gotta follow through to the end. Finish the drill.

        Success comes with completion.

        This is so true, I have taught many of times that is not how we start the race but how do we finish it. For the majority of us, our lives our not remembered or made up of the home run. People remember us and our success comes from the little things we do day in and day out. It is the accumulation of all those things that make up the whole.

        The same with all this. Your marketing success might come from a home run product. But that is not the norm. Our success comes from us showing up each day and working the plan, day in and day out.
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          Very true. And I went through this very thing about a month ago.

          I started posting rather than just reading in this forum and got very much the same advice as you give here.

          My "aha" moment was when I realized that I should just think of this exactly like any other business I had ever done.

          Because it is quite easy to fall prey to the flashy promotions and emails from people selling you the next great product that will instantly make you thousands of dollars while you sleep with no work and no experience.

          That is why, I am now posting to all newbies on comments everywhere that they need to come to this forum and to realize that if there really was a magic software to do that, everyone would be doing it.

          Yes, there probably are some not so legit people on here too, but they won't last long because this forum is the real deal.

          44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

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            Great post but I think a word of caution needs to be added.

            Action, persistence, and a "never quit" attitude has to be applied to a viable money-making model and niche.

            I've seen some who take massive action but make little money. I have a relative who is the hardest worker I know, yet he told me last year his IM efforts produced exactly $3.90 for every hour he spent and this was his best of the last four years he's been online.

            My caution is this: action can turn into simply "spinning your wheels" and getting miniscule results. You have to learn when to cut your losses and move to a more productive arena.


            Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Nice post and I agree! It's hard to stop being a serial WSO buyer looking for my next fix. In reality I already know most of the information having been in IM for 6 years.

    I'd add 1 thing that I think is essential for success. Planning. Create a goal (you need to somewhere to go, a target to hit) decide your timeline, then work back to today building the plan to get you there. Then stick to it!

    There will be challenges to overcome but if you have a plan and a goal, take action and persist then you'll succeed.
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    This is part of why I think lots of small projects can be better than a few large ones- at least to start

    For example, it's much easier for you to completely set up a small niche site or a small, very targetted PPC campaign than it is to do a very large one.

    I think most IMers are better starters than finishers, which is why the ability to just finish and move on is crucial
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    I think most IMers are better starters than finishers, which is why the ability to just finish and move on is crucial
    Good point. Starting is fun - you can dream and plan and talk about it to friends and family.

    Finshing a project means you DID the work.

    In the end, the poor site online will make more money than the almost perfect site you haven't uploaded or the perfect site in your mind.

    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog
    It actually doesn't take much to be considered a 'difficult woman' -
    that's why there are so many of us.
    ...jane goodall
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    I agree with you.

    I would also add the following warning: Don’t spend your money trying to learn how to make money online. Learn how to make money without spending money first of all, and only when you’ll know how to make money, spend your money doing things that will surely help you make money.

    Don’t ‘do this’, and then ‘do that’ ‘hoping’ to send traffic to your websites and ‘hoping’ to make sales, without following a smart business plan. Otherwise, all your efforts, money, and time will go to the trash.

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    Great post - I can definately relate to everything you're saying... When I first got started with IM I was bouncing LEFT TO RIGHT - RIGHT TO LEFT. ( I was a complete newbie struggling with information overload ) It wasn't until a good friend recommended I watch a video form Brian Tracy ( Light bulb Moment - Things finally clicked )

    I wrote down my 10 goals
    Choose the one that would have the greatest impact on my life
    Made a decision I wasn't going to quit no matter how hard it got.
    Wrote down all the steps it would take to get me there.
    Set a date for completion.
    created a plan of action.
    And right there and then got to WORK...

    Remember ALL SKILLS are Learnable!!! Theirs nothing we can't do...
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