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Yesterday, I called an old friend to give him a heads up on a new product that I thought he might be interested in only to discover that after over ten years in full time Internet Marketing he recently elected to take a full time job! I didn’t find out until last night when he returned my call after returning from what he called his new three letter word that starts with J. (J-O-B)

Wow --- this is both saddening and alarming! This guy is an extremely knowledgeable and not long ago, successful marketer. Before the housing crash he was pulling in steady 1K+ days and had a huge list of faithful followers. He was always a breath of fresh air in that he was an honest marketer with extremely high morals and values.

When the housing bubble burst his single niche all but evaporated overnight. His problems weren’t because of “the usual “only having one source of traffic that suddenly went away, his whole niche went broke! His niche will no doubt be back but it’s going to take time.

The last few times I talked with him he was pursuing other niches but because he didn’t start the process earlier, when he was making money and before everything fell apart he simply didn’t have time to recover.

He lamented that he knew he should be diversifying back when business was good but kept putting it off.

Given his character and expertise I’m sure he will be back full time but it’s been an eye opener to me --- therefore I’m sharing it with you.

I’ve always been super paranoid about only having one source of traffic but up until now I never viewed only having one niche in the same light.

I’ve known for years that the time to see my friendly Republican banker about procuring finances is when I didn’t need it. I’ve just learned that the best time to pursue a new niche is also when you don’t necessarily need it.

As a wise old sage once said “Diversify or Die.”
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