Where Does Everyone Get Their Graphics/Images From for Daily Posts?

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This is something I've been curious about for awhile now. I follow a lot of blogs which get updated daily and they use all kinds of images in their posts to make it stand out more. This is something I'd like to do more of but I'd like to know where I can get lots of relevant graphics to use without fear of getting sued.

I'm aware of free stock photo sites like SXC; are webmasters just going to these freebie stock sites on a daily basis?

I get the idea that a lot of webmasters just do a Google image search and grab whatever they find without worrying about repercussions as a lot of times the images are too perfect for what they're using them for and I've had difficulty finding really relevant images on stock sites some times.
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    A few years ago, I was in a bookshop in my local town, and noticed a small display rack of computer CDs in the corner. Amongst them, I found a box of 4 CDs containing 500,000 images and another box of 3 CDs containing 50,000 high-resolution photographs. They're all royalty free.

    If I recall correctly, I paid about €10 for each box, so I got 150,000 images for the equivalent of US$27.

    I don't think I've ever downloaded an image from the Internet since!

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    Flickr is a good source. Find those with CC license and just put a link back to the flickr page.
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    Flickr is king! Just remember to leave credits to the photographer.

    Mike Tyler.

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      wpclipart dot com

      This site works pretty well for everyday images and graphics. And you can download the entire package and install it on your own computer so you don't have to use the search function online.

      If you are using the images from sxc dot hu make sure you use the most restrictive license. It is available in the advanced search panel. And don't use one of their images in a way that makes it seem that the perons in th ephoto is endorsing your product or service.

      In that case it does not matter what license you are searching for, that is against Getty's TOS.

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    I use iStockphoto -- huge library relevant to almost every subject I've ever thought of, but it can get expensive if your sites aren't making money yet.

    So yeah, Flickr.

    Originally Posted by trentonlaura View Post

    I get the idea that a lot of webmasters just do a Google image search and grab whatever they find without worrying about repercussions...
    You would be right. Risky, though.
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      Thanks for that information about Flickr, I have checked out other sites like iphotos as well. I will remember to leave credits to the photographer as well, don't want them upset at me as I plan to use many.
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    My own camera. I don't claim any special skills as a photographer, but I use a lot of my own photos. No copyright issues to worry about.
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    iStockphoto or Flickr are the best bets.
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    Nice post i was wondering the same thing.
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      Google Images does allow for commercial reuse of some of their images if you know where to look.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I have a decent amount of content on my site and it's all my personal photos/videos/music. At the time when I was documenting my progress, I was not planning to create a website so it's a plus that I have so much content.

    I may use flickr though now that I know about it. Good tip.
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    To avoid legal complications, I use Fotolia! You get the "broadcasting" rights, which the rights are legally purchased. I never trust "free" because they are usually less valuable in quality and you essentially get what you pay for. iStockPhoto is another good one but requires a subscription which is more than I'm willing to pay for and I don't know if you retain your download's royalty rights if you cancel.

    If the legal stuff doesn't bother you then there's always Google Images (www.google.com/images); usefull if you have google on speed dial... That being said, never used flikr... It's free sharing, so you don't know if someone is "sharing" someone else's image without their consent. If you use get images from "paid" sources like fotolia and iStockPhoto, then the company (fotolia or iStockPhoto) is reponsible for all the legal stuff and people who place their "art" on their website know the rules.

    Hope this helps
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