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i know there countless offers flowing by every day. i thougth i'd try to create a thread where we could list the ones we purhcased that truly made a difference.

(systems, backlinking packages, sales videos, seo services, plug-ins, etc)

for me the one WSO that truly stood out was Jan Roos' Amazon Affiliate System. i'm nowhere near where I want to be today but i can honestly say i learned at least 70% of what i currently know about IM, site building, seo from Jan's system.

anyone else have any input?
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    I have bought so many WSOs that it is really hard to list all of them (I buy several WSOs every day).

    One that was definitely excellent: Offline RockStar Google Love Method by Dr Dan.

    Commission Blueprint Evolution by Tim Godfrey is a more recent one that was outstanding.

    Another good one is Mother of all Niches by Matthew Olson.

    But here is one thing to consider:
    You will not get rich overnight by buying 1 WSO. Sorry, ain't gone happen.
    Consider buying (and studying and applying the information) as part of your initial and ongoing education.

    Call Center Fuel - High Volume Data
    Delivering the highest quality leads in virtually all consumer verticals.

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    There's a new thread started like this one about every week or so it would seem. It's rather pointless really. I don't mean to sound harsh I am just saying that everyone is into different things and the opinion of one person does not necessarily mean a product is a good or bad fit for someone else.

    The best thing to do is read the reviews posted on the WSO threads themselves.

    As for "the ones we purchased that truly made a difference" this has more to do with the person who purchased the WSO than the actual WSO itself. If someone's is determined to make something work then they will get there eventually. Sadly the majority of WSO buyers are those looking for magic buttons and as soon as they see a little work is involved, they go off to search for the next magic button.

    Think about it. The WSO marketplace would not exist as it does today if people actually implemented only half the stuff they are taught in WSO's and started making money.
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    I purchased an hour's worth of one on one Phone Consulting with George Sepich once. That hour+ was worth many times over what I paid for it.

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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