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I am planning to start working on Squidoo. Any good advice from fellow Warriors who have worked there would be much appreciated.
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    Originally Posted by sidcandid View Post

    I am planning to start working on Squidoo. Any good advice from fellow Warriors who have worked there would be much appreciated.
    Well, I have plenty of experience there: I used to use many Squidoo lenses as part of my backlinking strategy, Sid.

    I don't use it any more at all, and I recommend that you shouldn't, either.

    It's perilous, unreliable, unnecessary and gives you absolutely no benefits that you can't get equally well or better elsewhere without paying a penny. And that way you can be in control of all of your business instead of just some of it.

    Even your own free blog on free hosting (Byethost/Weebly/000WebHost/Yola/Blinkweb), which you own and control, is a far better bet than a site which someone else owns and controls, on which they impose their own continually changing terms of service and their own idiosyncratic and inconsistent interpretations of them.

    Take this very literally: Squidoo gives you nothing that you can't get (free of charge) elsewhere, a lot more safely and sensibly.

    Don't imagine that because Squidoo's own home page has a high page-rank, that's going to make your backlinks from your own Squidoo page worth anything special. (That's as misinformed and mistaken as imagining that an article in Ezine Articles is going to give you a worthwhile backlink in itself, just because EZA's home page has a high PR. It's hardly relevant - your article is still on its own PR-0 page.)

    It really is worth spending 20 minutes reading this thread slowly and carefully.

    Not to mention all the posts from such experts as Dan C. Rinnert and others, right here. These are people who know what they're talking about!
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      I agree with Alexa.

      So many of these sites Hubpages, Xomba, Squidoo, eHow, Buzzle etc. have changed the rules.

      Best to build your business on sites you have more control over.

      Pen Name + 8 eBooks + social media sites 4 SALE - PM me (evergreen beauty niche)

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        Agreed - it's not wise to base your (entire) business model around Squidoo ... and I very rarely use Squidoo for a backlink nowadays either.

        That said - I still have a number of lenses that rank very well in Big G (written under a pen name a number of years ago). These lenses have plenty of traffic, even rank well within Squidoo's own network, and bring in a decent passive monthly (Squidoo) income.

        However, these lenses were created "for fun" more than anything else, and there is hardly a hint of promotion on any of them. I simply wrote about subjects that interested me and decided to submit them to Squidoo.

        No ulterior motive, no income expectations, no ranking expectations ... just for fun and nothing more!

        "There is no fixed teaching. All I can provide is an appropriate medicine for a particular ailment" - Bruce Lee, Tao of Jeet Kune Do (on Zen)
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    Squidoo is pretty much stricter right now in posting lenses, you have to build high quality content there to get approved. It's really tough to work there, I suggest you should start creating your own Wordpress site and create some nice content to it.
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    Hello, Create the lens on appropriate category and add large amount of content & images on the lens to promote it well.
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      I agree with Alexa
      Squidoo isn't what it used to be i have recently
      built 3 Squidoo lens for backlink purposes.
      When i say recently i mean about two months
      I haven't found an improvement in my rankings.
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