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Hey all
Anyone know of, or are using, a really good - but simple, article and PLR manager?
I need something to organize all my articles 'n' plr "stuff" on my harddrives.
The simpler the better,
- also -

I am also looking for a good program to organize my research data when I research possible niche topics - again, a good program but simple.

Thanks - any help would be appreciated
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    Cant really help with the PLR, but for organizing niche research Traffic Travis is great. It will export csv files with all your KWs and competition data as well. I was a long time user of Market Samurai, then I discovered TT which is way better in my opinion, and much faster too. And as I said, it exports all your reports as csv or pdf. Ms does that too, but who likes waiting for 5 minutes to check your rank?
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      jaybox, Thanks for the reply

      Modified Twin Engine Cessna 310D ----- very fast :)

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    I purchased PLR Manager the GUI is anything but intuitive. Can anyone point me to a manual or similar?
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    I recommend the IMI Organizer Map for organizing all of your IM stuff, including your PLR. Its from Alex Goodall and was here on the forum a few weeks ago. I'm still getting my stuff organized with it, but it's great for seeing what you have and where it is. It has a whole section just for PLR.
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    If you like, you can try Content Pressor


    My 49-Page Operation Quick Money Handbook --> watch this video,

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