What is this internet "job description" called?

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I'm looking in the warriors for hire section and theres a lot of great warriors for hire but so many in fact in having a hard time finding what I want

I'm using the search function.. BUT I don't what to search for..

Is there a job title for the following

Someone who can set up my upsell in clickbank with thank you page etc and maybe even follow simple instructions on how to setup aweber in wishlist member?

Am I looking for a programmer? or a designer? or data entry ??

Also how would I use the search function to specify what I'm looking for exactly?

Any help would be MUCH appreciated because I really want to hire a warrior from there today and when I try to do it myself I pretty much mess everything up and my usually web dude has "disappeared" lol

P.S. Sorry if I should know this already but I'm nearly computer illiterate :confused: lol
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