Need an email marketing platform and opt-in lists

by fwaisfeld 13 replies
I am starting to do email marketing, and i am looking for a good software or email platform, so i can manage the campaign,offers and emails list, and send large amount of emails daily. Am also looking for rep shares with email lists, and opt-in email lists.

If anyone can help me get started!!


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    Depending on the bells & whistles you need I'd recommend either Constant Contact or AWeber. Both are leaders in this space and have respected rock solid platforms.
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    I would agree with JOrrichio, Aweber offer a very solid service, you can build a good customer list with them.

    They are also great with stats, so you can find out how to fine tune offers etc.


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    Many people swear by Aweber but I am still not convinced that it is worth the hefty fees.

    Check out ImnicaMail. Superb bunch of people and good competitive pricing structure.

    GetResponse is also a good performing alternative.
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      Originally Posted by Paleochora View Post

      Check out ImnicaMail. Superb bunch of people and good competitive pricing structure.
      Thanks for the heads up on Imnica Mail. I had not heard of them. Their free starter option looks great! I have a client that I'm working with that I'll probably use Imnica Mail for.
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      Does ImnicaMail offer integration with PayPal?

      Newbies PM me if you need simple answers to simple questions. Don't waste too much time figuring things out (being lost) when all you have to do is ask for directions.

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    Powerful, intuitive direct email marketing solutions and campaign management for relevant one-to-one marketers a powerful opt-in email marketing platform that helps to business growth.
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    You should check out Aweber nor iContact these two email marketing platform are very good if you really need to be succeed in the I.M Niche.
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    What about Campaigner?

    Thank you to everyone on WF for all the great information, help, support, and kindness you have all shared!

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    My favorite autoresponders are icontact, aweber and getresponse.
    I use all three and all three are very reliable.
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    Hi All,
    I've searched aweber and am waiting to hear back from their support team. Can I pass form data when a user checks the subscription box on a page to populate an email list?

    Thanks in advance for replying,
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      Currently using Aweber...great service and stats. Just started using them about 2 weeks ago.

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        Aweber is generally the most popular
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