Noob Tip- Funny observation (about checking your rankings)

by jaybox
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Funny Observation
I frequently check out CB products in the IM niche when I need a good laugh. I saw one the other day ( I am not going to out it here, out of courtesy, the product owner is most likely a member here) but the guy was showing how he got to #1 position in like 2 days for a competitive KW.

In his "proof video" I could see the upper right of his screen, and he was still signed into google.

He must have clicked his SERP listing 100 x in the last couple days.

Here is the NOOB TIP:

when checking your rankings, make sure you use ccleaner or something to clear your cookies, etc. and for goodness sake, sign out of Google.

Google will display results that are personalized for you, so if you click on listing over and over it will show up on top.

You may not be on page one

Just had to share that, I laughed so hard when I saw that video I nearly peed.
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    That is actually pretty funny !
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    It is not just funny, but true because so many people forget about this. I often see my ads on my sites showing things that make no sense and I have to remind myself it is because of my own browsing.

    Benjamin Ehinger
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    You bring up a good point that also relates to why people complain of being on the first page of Google with little traffic and no sales for keywords they deem competetive.

    In some cases the traffic for the keyword consists of like minded marketers who make up a good portion of the searches checking their rankings 100 times a week.

    Of course that is the exception to the rule, but when certain keywords get hot in a given niche you need to be careful about checking your own site's ranking by going to Google.

    If you have a first page ranking, and you're checking it all the time, the ratio of click throughs to your site versus the real traffic may cause Google to reevaluate giving you that premium real estate. After all, you are inadvertantly showing Google (or any other search engine) that your site may not be worth going to because you just created 100 searches that didn't want your site.

    That assumes you don't click on your own link, and is exacerbated by others checking their rankings that don't click on your link, either.

    That's one theory, anyway...

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