What is the best business model that is easly outsourceable?

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What is the best business model that is easly outsourceable?

The first thing that comes in my mind is blogging.

But I'm not sure, so I would like to hear what other warriors have to say.
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    clothing companies seem to be successful using sweatshops in 3rd world countries you could give that a try...

    no but seriously you probably don't want to leave a business in the hands of others with out doing any work yourself, just sayin'...
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    I'm thinking of article writing and link building services.
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    Originally Posted by AbdullahKaragoz View Post

    What is the best business model that is easly outsourceable?

    The first thing that comes in my mind is blogging.

    But I'm not sure, so I would like to hear what other warriors have to say.

    Blogging is a great way to go if you want to outsource. You can hire writers and give them their own login to post for you, hire SEO professionals to help, and many others to do all the work for you.

    Benjamin Ehinger
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    I would definitely say there are 2 great easy methods.

    #1. Niche Sites.

    I usually do the initial build of my own niche sites including keywords and so forth, but when it comes to content I hire out content writers and have them write the content on the website for me.

    How it works.

    The best part is, you can hire companies like TextBroker or SEOGenerals (I prefer TextBroker but they are more expensive) and they will organize the content for you. Heck TextBroker will even add the content to your website for you once it's approved.

    So niche marketing is definitely #1 on my list because it's what I do.

    #2. Offering Services from Purchased Products.

    You can purchase larger programs that cost decent prices and then offer their services (usually automated) for a fair price. This is easily outsourced because it usually only takes a few set guidelines to give the employee.

    I don't personally do this now, but I have done it in the past.

    Also the services don't always have to deal with internet marketing.

    How it works.

    So let's say the program you purchased was $495 or lets say its $197/mo.

    You could then offer the services from that program for $50 per use or even a price set around $27 a month if it's simple to setup.

    It might be a little confusing at first and I would suggest starting small, but it's a valid way of making money online and people are definitely thankful as long as you provide quality work and acquire good software.

    Hope that helps!

    My name is Justin Lewis. My digital marketing company has been in business for over 10 years with multiple six-figure years. We do provide a premium web design service.

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    You could do article writing, backlink building, forum posting, blog commenting, link wheel creation, niche site creation, social media account creation....

    The possibilities are endless.

    Its simple artbitrage. Buy low. sell higher.

    Here are some simple steps to follow:
    Just choose a market/service that is in high demand.
    Find skilled workers who will deliver quality service at a low cost.
    Find buyers who want this service and are willing to pay a premium.
    Offer that service at a higher cost and you eat all the profit.
    There are tonnes of WSO's and other courses that tell you in detail how to work this strategy.

    Just pick one and work with it.
    High Quality Writing! Fast Turnaround Time
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    how about apps and themes?

    outsource the development of apps and themes to India or somewhere and take care of the marketing part.
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    That's kinda like putting the cart before the horse.

    Before you choose a business model, I'd suggest
    you figure out what kind of business/niche you
    want to be in. Then consider what your business
    objectives will be.

    Then, you'll be in a better position to decide the
    best business structure.

    John's Internet Marketing News, Views & Reviews: John Taylor Online
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    I'd argue the best business model is one where you can charge for a service that is fullfilled by machine labor. You are then "outsourcing" to a machine, which will always be cheaper than people, on a per customer basis. If you scaled up to huge volume, you could never afford to hire enough people, even at 50 cents an hour, to service all of your customers.

    I like the idea renting CPU cycles or drive space. Cloud computing services is one example of CPU cycles. Cloud storage is renting drive space.

    Software as a Service is an example of CPU cycles. Create a product (web application) that lots of people need, charge a monthly fee for it. (subscription, or aka membership site). This has a mostly compounding rate of growth, assuming you provide a service that people really need, and you don't have too many people dropping out. See 37Signals website (and thier blog Signal vs. Noise) and thier books.
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    Niche blogging is the best source. List down your sparks (lol g+ sparks) and then start blogging on all of those, write some good content and then outsource.
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    Outsourcing blog writing works best if your blogs are focused on products and information instead of you and your voice. So, it depends on the blog. For example, if you build Amazon affiliate websites and adsense sites, you can easily outsource this work. However, you probably want to maintain some active editorial role and touch up the articles by adding a personal flavor to them before publishing.

    Another option is to build up a blog and invite guest posts. However, you'll definitely want to vet the guest posts to maintain standards.

    Building an outsourcing team takes time. The ideal set up (and I'm not there yet, but am working towards it) is being able to hire a capable project manager who fully understands what your voice is, your content specifications, and oversees your website promotions (SEO, backlinking, etc.). Building up a team requires effort and close scrutiny in the beginning. Once the team knows exactly how you want things done, then you can kick back or focus on new projects.

    If you truly want a hands-off system, I think the key is having a project manager who can oversee the entire process and does it exactly as you would. This type of person will demand more than $10 per hour. You'll get what you pay for. However, once you have a great team in place with a trustworthy project manager, you can scale up much faster.

    My aim for 2012 is to put a team like this in place. I'm researching options. I've hired many people for specific jobs, but have never put together a permanent team, but will give it a go I hope over the next 12 months.
    How I hit $10,000+ per month very fast w/ 1 niche blog - Click Here to learn more (no opt-in).
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    Originally Posted by AbdullahKaragoz View Post

    What is the best business model that is easly outsourceable?

    The first thing that comes in my mind is blogging.

    But I'm not sure, so I would like to hear what other warriors have to say.
    Providing services for others is the best business model for outsource and you can use fiverr (make sure you choose the highest rated gigs) its easy money

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