5 years online and nothing to show for it

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Hi warriors,
Just thought I should make my problem known to you all. have spent more than five years online, looking for ways to make money online but am yet to crack the code. have tried different internet business model from Adsense, to affiliate marketing, CPA even Forex trading but yet nothing.

Pls I need advice on whats working and what is not. and ways i can go about it to become a success online.

Please I need your urgent answers
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    Try and focus on one thing, choose something that you are comfortable with and make a plan which is divided into daily,weekly, monthly etc. If you need information there's plenty available on the forum. If you have questions at any point you can post your questions after making sure that the information is not already available by doing a search.
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    I barely make anything online too. I think its more common than not.
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    "Cracking the code" makes making money online seem like some Holy Grail.

    Translate that into the need to learn a new skill.

    This skill is learnable.

    It has been said that about 97% of people who try to earn money online do fail. This is because they don't take time to understand the process.

    Here's a quick blueprint for the 3 steps to making money online.

    • Find a Profitable niche
    • Build a list in this niche
    • Market related products to your list
    It is very easy to get distracted and go off to chase the next shiny product, or push-button riches before you have learned this process.

    - do you have a niche?
    - do you have the capability to build a list - online form, autoresponder?
    - have you identified related products to sell to your list?

    Perhaps it's time to go back to the drawing board and re-gather your thoughts. All is not lost.

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      Originally Posted by AlisonM View Post

      • Build a list in this niche
      Not too easy requires a lot of work a solid marketing.
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      Originally Posted by AlisonM View Post

      It has been said that about 97% of people who try to earn money online do fail. This is because they don't take time to understand the process.
      Edit: It has been said that about 97% of people who try to earn money online do fail their 1st time out. This is because they don't take time to understand the process.

      The lesson? Keep trying.
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    You are suffering from information overload, stick with one business model such as affiliate marketing and you will start seeing some money

    Blogger at RicherOrNot.com (Make Money online blog but also promoting ethical internet marketing)

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    don't worry you are not the only one still tring myself.
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    5 years is very long period of time. You are doing something wrong. Try focusing yourself on only one thing until you make some money. Don't jump around from one way of making money to another.
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      Hi arabmoney,
      Information over load is a killer.
      Take a step back and think about what you are good at.
      I too was keen to make a living on line,, ie money immediately" (but it doesn't work that way)
      I removed my self from all of the "hype" and GURU .. bs
      The I educated my self... "the real way" I read and read and read.

      I started a blog, made some squidoo lenses and then finally I really focused on what I know... (and what I've been doing for the last 12 years before I had a baby)

      I am muddling my way through my website.. (I still have a long way to go)
      I get frustrated and inpatient.
      But ....
      already in 1 week I have made 5 pounds... have had 88 unique visitors and 453 page views
      I was so excited, because it proved to me that it does work!

      I feel like the turtle in the race.. slow and steady...
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    When you say "nothing", surely you're not talking literally. You must have SOMETHING to show for it. If you're exaggerating your losses because you expected to be an "industry expert millionaire" by now (as most of the users on here self-proclaim themselves to be including me), you're simply following a big BS bandwagon.
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    Focus is absolutely the key. There are many different ways of making money online, but you must pick one model and stick with it. It is very easy to lose heart before you start to see results, and get distracted by the next 'shiny object' that comes along. There ARE lots of people making money online, and they do not have any special abilities that you or others do not. Pick a proven strategy that suits your skills, and see it through to the end.
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    how much time do you put in internet marketing every week? how many sites of you have to spend more than 6 months working on?

    Delighfully Inexpensive: The Scientific Formula For Profitable Blogging takes you step-by-step into how to create mind-blowing content that inspires your readers to learn more about your services.
    Scientific Formula For Profitable Blogging Link

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      Originally Posted by andynathan View Post

      how much time do you put in internet marketing every week? how many sites of you have to spend more than 6 months working on?
      Say 10-15 hours per week. I don't think I have ever spend up to a 6 months on a website.
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        Originally Posted by arabmoney View Post

        Say 10-15 hours per week. I don't think I have ever spend up to a 6 months on a website.
        That's a problem there. You need to put in a lot of work to get your site ranked and profitable, this will take at least 6 months if you want to do it right for the long term.

        As many have said, pick one think and keep doing it until you make money. Jumping around is the worst thing you can do and is a big reason why most people fail.

        5 years is a long time to have no progress. How much traffic are you getting to your sites? If it's not much, focus on driving traffic...if you're getting traffic focus on your conversion strategy.

        If you post one of your sites I can take a look at it and give you some feedback. Identifying where your weaknesses are is the first step to moving in the right direction.
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        Originally Posted by arabmoney View Post

        Say 10-15 hours per week. I don't think I have ever spend up to a 6 months on a website.
        Buy an existing site and focus on SEO and conversion rates. Though its an outlay of cash probably thousands, you know you'll make money.
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        Originally Posted by arabmoney View Post

        Say 10-15 hours per week. I don't think I have ever spend up to a 6 months on a website.
        What do you be doing for the 10-15 hours, Productivity is the key here. just surfing the internet is'nt going to make you money. Go back to the basic's and take action.

        Find a niche you like go over to google keyword tool and do some keyword research.

        Then go to clickbank or somewhere and find a good product in that niche and build a review page with your affiliate link in it. Then get some traffic to it via your keywords.


        You could make a squeeze page , build a list and promote the product to that. Send traffic to the squeeze page.

        Whatever the strategy you use is it all comes down to one thing, and that's taking action on that particular strategy for long enough to see results. It could be a month or 3 but you need to take constant action to reach your goal.

        Coming Soon!!!
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        Originally Posted by arabmoney View Post

        Say 10-15 hours per week. I don't think I have ever spend up to a 6 months on a website.
        I guarantee that had you started one website 5 years ago and worked on it for 10 hours a week. It would be paying you good money by now.

        There is no magic solution or secret to making money online.

        Most strategies work but you need to stick with one, learn all about it, implement it and master it.

        Just like in bricks and mortar businesses there are all different kinds and all can be successful.

        If you expect something to suddenly start pouring out hoards of cash then you may be very disappointed.

        Most successful businesses are built on solid foundations, slowly and consistently, improving all the time. repeating the successes and learning from the failures.
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      It really is hard to give you a good answer because I don't know enough about you or your time availability (for instance are you working a full-time job and doing this in your free time?) or your work habits (some people spend a lot of their time checking e-mail or reviewing info they learned from an e-book or video training, listening to webinars, etc.

      Then there is reviewing every WSO that some marketer who has you on a mailing list sends to you that will help you with traffic, adsense, list building, etc., because without it you will struggle

      After trying all the things that you mentioned in your post was there one business model that you enjoyed the most or found easier to do? If so, focus harder on that. Ask questions in the forum, seek out the experts in that area and see what they have to offer but the important thing is to STICK WITH THE ONE AREA.
      Set a goal around learning everything you can in your chosen area and taking action. Taking action is sometimes the best "guru" because it can help you learn (Once you start seeing results you can write an e-book or a report on 100 ways not to do..whatever your business model was..lol)

      If you have limited time, do it in chunks of time (15 minutes here, 10 minutes there). You may find that you can get more done than you have previously.

      I don't know if I provided any information to help you but as usual it was good therapy for me.

      Good luck and keep taking action.
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    Originally Posted by arabmoney View Post

    Pls I need advice on whats working and what is not. and ways i can go about it to become a success online.
    Want to know what's working?
    -Affiliate marketing
    -Product creation
    -Graphic design
    -Website design
    -Social media
    -Flipping domains
    -Backlinking services
    -Joint Ventures

    There are TONS of things that are working for people. TONS.

    If you've been doing this for 10-15 hours a week for 5 years, you should at least know how to do basic SEO, right?

    So provide a service- sell the shovel to the gold miners instead of trying to mine gold yourself.

    Or you can keep trying to dig for gold for the next 5 years and not have a penny to show for it.

    The secret to success is doing work to fulfill a need- period.
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    If you give up you will not succeed at making money online.

    If you do not give up, then you might succeed.

    If you never give up, and if you have unlimited time, then it seems that you would likely succeed eventually.
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    I certainly feel your pain! Perhaps you should really consider what you WANT to be doing. People are making money online doing thousands of different things, but you have to find your niche.

    It is frustrating chasing every pot of gold only to end up shortchanged. I think that you need to really decided what you want to be doing and go after it. For example I tried my hand at offline SEO and did good with it, but I didn't enjoy it, so I moved on to other things.
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    I would say you are approaching this from the wrong angle. All the things you mention in your first post can make money - but only if you learn how to get traffic to your site.

    Stop worrying about how to monetise your site and concentrate on keyword research - finding keywords you think you can rank on p1 of Google for. Then start learning how to get your site onto page 1 of Google. Once you start getting traffic to your site(s) you can monetise in a variety of ways.

    Traffic is the key.
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    Rosetrees advice is right.. focus more on getting traffic. Thats what seems missing to me. When you rank, then you'll have traffic and visitors to test your page with.
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    No everything works for all the people - you need to find what works for you

    I first made money selling records on ebay and then created my own info products which sold in the first week of my site going live but I knew it was a small niche

    I tried affiliate marketing and never made a penny (still haven't to this day) where many people swear by it as being the best and easiest way to make money online. For whatever reason it has never worked for me.

    You just need to find what works for you and once you do - scale up!
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    You probably know more than 99.9% of the people in your country about internet marketing if what you say is true.

    I am in the U.S. and do you know what? Some of the best coaches in our professional sports programs never made it as an athlete? Yet they still coach professional athletes.

    You may make an excellent candidate as a consultant (as one of the other Warriors mentioned). People will pay you money to help them market online. Many offline businesses have no clue how to do this and chances are you can help them.

    Good luck.



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    u must read more and more
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    Ya agree with what everyone says about focus. Always better to focus on one business model on one or two markets and really go deep into them, rather than trying out all sorts of different things but not going anywhere with them. It's not about 'cracking the code'. The code is not really a secret at all. It's really guts and persistence, and focusing on the long term.
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    I used to have the same problem and lost a lot of money in Forex, but have since started to work smarter and focusing on one thing at a time. Once I started seeing success in one thing, I moved onto new things to add to my streams of income. The key for me was to focus on one thing without giving up before moving on to something else.

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    The thing about your issue is that everything works.

    You probably have not focused on one thing long enough to really reap the benefits.

    I made my first dollar with SEO and have made many thousands since that first one. Its all about breaking the seal because once you do that, you'll know exactly what it took to get to that point and can then rinse and repeat.

    Since then, I've made money with just about every main stream method these days. CPA, PPC, affiliate marketing, SEO, list building, email marketing, blogging, youtube, and many many others.

    For you, pick one, stick with it, and HUSTLE YO BUNS OFF!

    Also, you need to either leverage your time or your money. Use whichever one you have more of.

    If you have lots of money to invest, do PPC and buy Solo Ads.

    If you have lots of time or are on a budget, do some SEO, YouTube and other free forms of traffic generation.
    Three (3) Income Streams DFY
    New FREE Website Builds Your List
    And Earns From 3 Income Streams
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      That's definitely a common - and frustrating - problem.
      I've been there - it took me a while before things made any kind of sense.

      If it's been that long, and you've tried that many different approaches- then it's the system you're using that's not working.

      There's many ways to make profit online. But if the system you are using to implement everything is flawed - or worse yet, if you don't have a clearly defined system - then nothing is going to work for you.

      Write down everything you do, A-Z, and you should get an idea if you have a clear step by step system of if you're just trying everything and seeing what sticks.

      Let us know how that goes.

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    There is no magic button.. The only way any of the systems that many share on this forum work is to take action.

    If you take action on anything, you are going to make money.

    Example... Today you can go and create a gig on fiverr.com and tweet that gig to all your contacts. You will sell a few of them and pocket few dollars.

    And if you want to carry on making money, then just stick with your plan, do not look for the magic pill.

    There are just too many, get rich tonight softwares and programs out there. My take is that most don't even tell you anything about IM.

    IM is all about taking baby steps and working hard..

    But once you do the initial work, then you can enjoy the benefits.
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    try and focus on one thing , take it step by step , I recommend to start in affiliate marketing , and building your list . it will take time , but you need to do it the right way

    Learn How to make $194.24/Day By Selling on eBay , Click here

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    Stop looking for how to make money and start looking for how to deliver value to people who need it. The money will follow.

    nothing to see here.

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    i can feel your pain. though i have been at it for only one year. The truth is that its not as easy to make money online like how to so called gurus always say. However i thinks its still possible to make good money here. this forum should help. Jus come here as match as you can per-week.

    Hope things change soon for you.

    best regards.
    Discover Reggae | Dancehall [Jamaica]
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    Here is the process.......
    1. Find a niche with an attainable market ! can you get to that market for little cost to you. (try micro niche finder)
    2. Build a squeeze page or go to Elance and get someone to do one for you.
    3. Build a website or go and get someone to build it for you.
    4. Offer great FREE content to get people to sign up to your list.
    5. Offer great FREE content on your site, go overboard on giving great content.
    7. Autorespond your list by using Aweber, still offer great content and build a relationship.
    8. As your list builds respect for you then can review products in your chosen niche, or make your own, and offer those products to your list, with a handsome guarantee.
    9. Make cash from sales as you promote to your list through your autoresponders so people are all purchasing at different times from you.
    10. The ultimate would be to build a membership site in your chosen niche, continuity cash is the way to go as you get regular income each month as you keep adding regular content.


    All the best,

    DON'T BELIEVE ME, CLICK THE LINK AND SEE FOR YOURSELF http://www.warriorplus.com/wso/view/40365
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    Some great tips here - I agree with the "focus on a single strategy" idea. I'm still in the beginning, but I've got my plan ready and I'm going to work hard on it until it pays off!

    Good luck,


    Learning Fast Right Here :)

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    Get focused, get diligent, and stay committed...it's better when you focus on one niche/business at a time.

    "Two little mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mice quickly gave up and drowned. The second mouse wouldn't quit he struggled so hard that eventually he turned that cream into butter and crawled out."~Christopher Walken

    It sounds like to me you're the first mice...don't give up!
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    Success for sure is a principle but I've seen a few people who came
    online and the very FIRST thing they tried they made money with and
    went on to great success. Yet, there are others who work just
    as hard and never made a dime.

    I once bought a software for $3,000 that was making some
    users a ton of money with adsense back in the good old
    days. I tried using the software following the same
    directions and never made back my investment. That
    was with over 100 domains!

    Yet I was making money with a $247 software doing a
    similar job on a smaller scale.

    So sometimes it's just a small change that can make a
    big difference and most of the times it takes an
    outsider to recognize this. So asking advice here
    is a great start.

    Don't give up!

    -Ray Edwards
    The most powerful and concentrated copywriting training online today bar none! Autoresponder Writing Email SECRETS
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    This is a very information-intensive industry and one that perpetually changes at that. Fortunately, you don't have to know it all.

    Just keep trying stuff out and measuring your progress consistently.
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  • In 5 years, you must have found at least one thing (a system, idea, niche, subject, hobby, etc…) that you enjoyed working on over that time. Take a step back. Think about the one thing you most enjoyed working on over the last 5 years and take a second run at it. Learn more about it. Chances are that someone else is already making money with it. If it is engaging to you, you will be more likely to stay with it.

    I have made the mistake of latching on to the next alluring thing, only to find out I really wasn’t that into it, and I end up abandoning the effort. You need to be who you are and do what you enjoy first. It took me over three years to figure that out before I started making any significant income online.
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    I call BS.

    No one is that stupid to persist with absolutely no results after 5 years.

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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    You need to focus on one method( one goal ), don't waste time on other
    Be consistent
    For start just think about your strong skills
    Let say you are good in making graphics( logos, banners, icons, etc )
    Offer it as service
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    Def not the only one with this problem.

    Its why I signed up. Ha!
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    Build a squeeze page for your selected niche, rewrite the articles from ezine that get a ton of views and keep the same keywords that they use. Send the traffic to your squeeze page and give them something tempting to get them to sign upto your list. Within 5-6 months you will have 100's or 1000's of potential customers on that list that are dying to throw money your way. I struggled for ages and it is the worst place to be in were you are now. After you start seeing some cash come in, you can get people writing for you so it gives you time to do/learn other skills. I learnt this method from this forum and just stuck to it and its a piece of cake. Im only just starting to learn about SEO now so i can have a try at getting into google search.
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    I agree with sticking to one thing. The first time I made an affiliate sale that was significant (in my opinion) it was because I found a product I believed in, communicated with the product creator, and focused on making sales. You are going to have to spend time perfecting whatever model you choose. That may mean four hours each day link building, promoting, and more before earning any money.

    Also, if you have any "skills" that you think would help the IM community selling them here would be a good way to start earning money. The important thing to remember is if you aren't willing to spend some time on one project (I'm talking a few weeks to a few months) you are going to have an extremely hard time finding out what works for you.
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    If you have been at it for 5 years with no success, you are doing something wrong.

    If you have been working at it for over 5 years, it clearly isn't information overload, you should be well beyond that. However, there has been a clear lack of focus, if you have tried all those things. More concerning is that after 5 years, you can't elaborate of what the actual problem is.

    It sounds like you try something and if you don't see results you move on to something else, rather than trying to figure out the problem. The problem is that if you don't figure out the problems with one of them, you likely won't succeed with any of the. Bottom line, is that it all comes down to traffic and conversion. There really isn't much difference between CPA, Adsense, or affiliate marketing. They aren't really different business models. Those are just different ways to monetize. It all comes down to traffic and conversion. How you get traffic is a bigger variable.

    You don't give any indication as to what your problem is. That makes me assume that you don't know. You can't just put up a site and expect people to suddenly appear and start buying stuff. You need to work to get traffic to your site/offer, and you need to make sure that site/offer is converting that traffic.

    You say you want to make your problem known, but you don't say what the problem is. "Not making money" is not enough. That could be caused by any number of reasons. Why aren't you making money? You can't expect good answers that will help if you aren't more specific about the problem.

    As many people have already suggested, your first step is to focus. Your next step needs to be good product and keyword research. I think that is the biggest problem people have when they start, they underestimate the value of proper research in a niche/market before jumping into it. They either go for things that people aren't looking to buy, or they go too broad in the niche rather than targeting long-tailed keywords. If you don't know how to do keyword research, search the forums. There is a lot of information here, in the forums, for free. Everything you need to start making money is here. Just avoid the WSO forum when doing your search. That will just be more of a distraction. Then work on SEO, and make sure you are using analytics on your sites to determine what is actually going on with your traffic. Come back with more specific questions, and people will be able to give more specific answers.

    Once you get the traffic, you need to get that traffic to convert. Far too many newbies put up simple squeeze pages, or load up their site with ridiculous amounts of advertising and wonder why they can't convert traffic. Know your market and make sure you are providing what your visitors are looking for.
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