How long is to long for a capture page video?

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Is 3 minutes to long for a capture page video? Most I've seen are between 2-5 minutes but then again I haven't seen that many. Thoughts?
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    It's all going to depend on the product, audience, and how you present it. Sometimes 1 minute is even too long, other times its better to have a 20 minute video.

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      I think the content should determine the length. It's possible to be boring in less than two minutes. It's also possible to keep someone's attention for 20+ minutes if the content is good and relevant.

      Instead of thinking of how long the video should be consider what you want to achieve with the video (show a technique, outline a resource, etc.), write a tight script with the best content you can produce and let that determine the length of the video.

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    i think it mainly depends on how attractive you video is.
    in common condition, shorter is much better, because most part of people do not have too much patient on watching this kind of video, but you must use long time to show something, the only way is to make is as attractive as possible.
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