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ugg, okay so I am now getting into article submission - this is the first time this has happened to me (like the 4th article I've written, spun and submitted)

I wrote and spun/submitted an article to very few sites and I SEOed each article with keyword links and a link in my bio. The sites that I submitted to aren't "free for all" content. to my knowledge when I read the TOS for these sites my article was supposed to remain on that site and not be open for people to use because I was worried about this sort of thing.

Anyway, my google alerts pops up with this article on someone else's site and none of the links back to my site are in it (otherwise I wouldn't care). This is both hyperlinks and the written link in my bio. Theres NO contact info whatsoever anywhere on this site - it just looks like one of those junk blogs used to feed backlinks to people's stuff back to their sites... except not back to my site
does this happen often?

Theres other articles with links, but not anywhere in my article. comments on my article are closed. wtf?

so - how can I contact them and ask them to please link back to my site. Is there some special way to contact the webmaster when they don't have any contact listed? Should I care?
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