My three year old cousin increased my conversion rate 40%

by Todd Walker 38 replies
Hey Warriors,

A few days ago this happened...

With all this talk about "Bad News..." and subject lines...

I just wanted to show how even a three year old can increase conversions.

I just finishing writing a sales copy for a product for one of my sites, and was about to send it out of this list of 600. I have already done two email campaigns with this list, and my relationship with them is extremely good.

Both campaigns I got a 15% click through rate, and 90 - 120 unique to my product site, which converted at 15% being a really targeted niche.

First campaign was 12 sales
Seconds was 15 sales

So, I have everything all setup except my subject line, I was brainstorming on what I was going to use this time... so, I went to grab a soda from my frige.

My three year old cousin decided it would be fun to bang on the keyboard of my computer, and in midst of banging she sent the email out to 600 people with the subject line.

lgjlsni's labj34y*(ibh kr

So my email went out as, " Todd, lgjlsni's labj34y*(ibh kr "

I was so mad, but surprisingly enough, I guess because it seemed so messed up my click through rate on my email was 65% , and 390 unique to my site from the list which converted at 12% to be 45 sales!

Haha it was a funny day, I bought her ice cream, and a new toy...

Should talking like a baby be the new mass control?

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    Haha... can I rent her out for the day?

    It's the little things that surprise you...

    Ted K
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      Hah, thats great! congrats
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      Haha! You might indeed have got a new Mass Control method! It might be a one-off but still! It worked for you!

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    • Profile picture of the author Frank Bruno
      Now that was a neat little story, made me chuckle.

      My 9 y.o daughter is becoming quite the little marketer and mentor as well... lol

      Its amazing how kids can put things in such simplistic ways but makes perfect sense.

      She says she wants to be an Interent Marketer but I told her to become an attorney since shes always winning her way with me. lol

      Frank Bruno
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      • Profile picture of the author Scott Ames
        Oh no!!! Here come the copy cat emails with lgjlsni's labj34y*(ibh kr as the subject line.... that's just bad news...

        Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. -Winston Churchill

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      Great Story Todd!

      I wonder... does " Todd, lgjlsni's labj34y*(ibh kr "
      look like a password that may have increased curiosity with your list. Who cares.. if it worked right?

      Now this is funny...

      Originally Posted by Steve Garrett View Post

      I was drinking milk when I read this line. Thanks.

      going to clean my monitor now
      Would have loved to see the web cam view. LMAO
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      • Profile picture of the author Roy Carter
        Actually I can reveal that " Todd, lgjlsni's labj34y*(ibh kr " is Venutian for...

        'Bad News!'

        If you check your stats I am certain that you will find that all your buyers from that email came from Venus.

        P.S. Also check your Paypal account because they've probably paid you in 'Crons' which is not legal tender anywhere on earth.

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        Whilst Still Making Shed Loads Of Money...and stuff!"

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        • Profile picture of the author Faisal Anwar
          Thats it! thats it! Thats the code I was trying to break since 5 years ago. This is the right keyword for every niche " Todd, lgjlsni's labj34y*(ibh kr " Lucky baby!

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    Todd that is something else, I am smiling broadly as I type this, who would have thought that up. That is such a good story, that made my day, even a mistake like that can really bring in the dough.

    When I saw your title I thought, Yeah right and now I'm so glad I clicked it. :-)
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    Todd, I love it when great things come out of frustrating situations. But I think you owe her more than an ice cream and toy for that one!

    I would like to know if anyone would actually consider using a line like your 3 year old cousin in one of their adds now after reading this!


    Entrepreneurs Wanted
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      That's such a cute story! Did you ever explain to your list?
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      • Profile picture of the author adamv
        That's funny.

        You're 3 year old cousin seems to have a knack for writing headlines, how is she with sales letters???

        I have a 3 year old daughter and she hasn't increased revenue for me yet at all. I'm going to have a talk with her and tell her that she needs to start bringing home the bacon. Maybe I can get her to write some articles or build backlinks or something.

        Get a professional voice over for your next audio or video project at an affordable price -- I will record 150 words of text for just $5.

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      Originally Posted by Eric Folks View Post

      I would like to know if anyone would actually consider using a line like your 3 year old cousin in one of their adds now after reading this!
      Yes, I did.

      I just sent this out 42 minutes ago:

      Originally Posted by Markus_Allen View Post

      [.name_f] lgjlsni's labj34y*(ibh kr

      This Thursday on Stump Markus,
      I'm going to reveal how a 3-year old
      increased conversions by over 40% --
      typing this as the subject line in an email:

      [.name_f] lgjlsni's labj34y*(ibh kr

      (I just read about this at the Warrior Forum,
      and it's a great story.)

      In addition, we're going to
      brainstorm lots of fast and easy ways
      to bring you new business...

      ... The fun starts at exactly high noon (Thursday) at:

      I'll track it again my typical clickthrough rate (much more important to me than an open rate) and see what happens.

      Of course, I'm going to refer to this post on my broadcast.
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      • Profile picture of the author Todd Walker

        Calvin, I really hope it works well...

        I'm serious...

        Baby talk will be the next mass control!!
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          Originally Posted by Todd Walker View Post


          Calvin, I really hope it works well...

          I'm serious...

          Baby talk will be the next mass control!!
          Well, I might not have good news.

          You see every Tuesday, I tease my list about my every Thursday Stump Markus broadcast.

          That means that testing this isn't nearly scientific... because the message is always different.

          Unfortunately, the test email generated about half the normal response.

          With that said, it was worth the test to me because it proves that response depends on lots of factors. I find my list responds the best when I use a 5-word subject line that's heavy on the "What's in it for me?"
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          • Profile picture of the author Terry Hatfield
            I know what happened . . .

            All the 3 year olds at your lists houses seen the email, understood the baby talk, and snuck and hit the order button when their baby sitters went to get a soda from the fridge.

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      • Profile picture of the author Greg Cooksley
        Hey Todd,

        That's so cute.....

        Makes me think that I need to get my children to start contributing
        to the "I want this " fund.....

        Talk about child labour......

        As they say...out of the mouth's of babes....


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  • Profile picture of the author Eric Johnson
    man, that is freakin awesome...
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