If you had a month off?

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If you had a full month off how would you get your IM started?

What would you do different?
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    Full month off? You mean from normal work?

    For me, I don't think I'll do anything different. Why do something different and reinvent the wheel? Just keep doing what's working and make more money from there.

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      I meant a month off, away from a day job.

      Just starting up my IM career, and could use some good advice.
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        Hi Jam,

        It might make sense to write down your IM goals and objectives. Put them in order of priority, then start to work on them right away. Keep your objectives realistic though.

        You can also place your objectives in order of profitability. For example, which goals/objectives will give you the fastest results.

        Also, decide what direction you want to take. IE: Affilaite Marketing, Lead Generation, E-commerce, Adsense, Membership Site, etc.

        Lastly, keep asking questions. This site is an excellent resource for information.

        Hope this helps.

        - Jay
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