Help writing a simple contract (im lost)

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I have been inspired by a thread on here and decided to take action instead of over thinking everything like i tend to do.

I have been cold calling business around my area offering to design a 5 page website for them for $200 setup and $25 per month after that. Within the first 50 calls I got 2 bites.

I have a meeting with both of these clients tomorrow but have no type of contract to present to them.

I am a complete newb to all of this, I am 21 and worked in a factory since I was 18 so i have had no experience with contracts or anything like that.

Can anyone help me figure this out or point me in the direction I should go. I really appreciate any help you can give me.
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    You really need to draw something up that's relevant to what your doing.

    At the end of the day, you need to clearly state and define what the project will include. For example:

    * 5 page website
    * Includes logo
    * Will work on IE7 > and other modern browsers
    * Cannot be held liable for any damage / loss of revenue the website might do
    * The client will provide the copy / images

    Their only some points that you might want to consider.

    Stuffandnonsense put up a good contract that you could use/modify for your needs:
    Contract Killer: The Next Hit | Stuff and Nonsense

    Also, there was a good post on Forrst regarding contracts (not sure if it's members only): Get your contract right the first time. - A question from adamwhitcroft - Forrst

    Might not be safe for work, but F**k you. Pay me. Might be a good video to watch:****-...n-and-payment/

    Hope these are of some help.

    Edit: Whatever you do, get someone in the legal trade to look over what you do.
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      Check out for help with that kind of stuff.
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        All I ever do is create MOUs.
        They are straight forward with no legalease.

        Just outline:
        contact info
        what you will do
        what the client will do
        what the client can expect

        Then put in the wording that you're not responsbile for anything (losses of any sort) other than delivering your work.

        The less words the better because it leaves no wiggle room. And it can't be interpreted any way but the way it is written. Get a sign off, a cheque, and start underpromising and overdeilvering the work.

        * I am not a lawyer and any opinion expressed here is just an opinion. It is what I do and I have had no problems in over 25 years in business.

        If you are concerned about the client, it is better not to have them because no matter how good your paperwork may be, a lawsuit always costs you money.
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    Here's some you can edit

    5 Free to Use Freelance Design Contract Templates

    Resources for Web Designers - Design Contract Template

    and here's a pdf of a web design person who put it on the web to give you an example of what should be included
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    Thank all of you guys so much. This forum is constantly here to guide me every step of the way. I just hope that one day I can give back as much as I have received!
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