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I am trying to use Amazon S3 service to host a sales video. I bought Easy Video Player 2.0 but after going thru all the steps on the screen with the code and preview I get an error "200 net stream yada yada" (won't stay up long enough to get the whole message but the url to amazon looks correct).

I've tried tech support but there is no call or chat only e-mail and a 48 hour response.

Anyone seen this error and know how to fix?

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    Try keeping your code on your site and link to the video on Amazon S3.

    If you want to place code on Amazon S3 consider their cloudfront/cloudberry..
    CloudBerry Lab Product blog: How to configure CloudFront Streaming with CloudBerry S3 Explorer
    (not affiliate link)
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      Is your EVP installed on the same server account as where you are trying to embed?

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    Thanks for the thoughts but...

    The issue occurs on the Easy Video Player preview screen not on my web page. There is a box of code which I am suppose to embed (I think I know how to do that), but it also does a preview of the video. This is what returns the error. So there is no sense enbedding the code, because even the easy video player can't get the video.

    That is issue I'm trying to solve.
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    there is one good suggestion for you. Chris Farrell (very well known IM) he did webinars on this and it's all free you can go to Chrisfarrellmembership.com and see the
    webinar he explain very clearly all the steps. (You can see the webinars free no need to join the membership).

    I hope it help you.

    S Husain
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