Have money little time. Please offer opinion.

by jerbol
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OK so here is the deal. I have been making time to read and learn as much as I can about IM.
However my regular business is keeping me quite busy as of late. I thought about using the money I have to try and compensate for the lack of time. I even sold some things around the house (playstation3 and games etc.) to not only free up time, but also to get a hold of some extra cash I wouldn't even miss.

So here I am with about $400 cash. But I don't know where I would get the most ROI with my limited knowledge. I have learned a lot sure, but still have very little experience.

Any thoughts on the best way to use this money to give my IM career a boost?
Also please don't limit your answers to the $400 range, I am selling a lot more stuff I don't want/need so I will have more soon.

I know you can only do so much and that there is no substitute to learning the hard way. Just trying to get some leverage.
Thank you very much,

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    To have a successful IM business you need to have a product, a website with good quality and quantity content, a convincing sales letter, an opt-in box with something of value to give away, an auto-responder service with a series of email for each campaign and traffic. Much of this can be outsourced by hiring a good copywriter. They can give you content for your site, write auto-responder emails and last, but most important an effective sales letter that will convert prospects into paying customers.

    All that's really left is to get traffic to your site. PPC is one way and you can hire someone again to write you PPC ads and research your keywords. Another way to get traffic is with article marketing. For this you need articles that relate to your product and have them posted on sites with a link back to your site. Once again you can hire someone to write them and post them on the sites.
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    jerbol, there may be an info product in how you raised money selling stuff around the house. It's probably been done before, but it might be a good exercise in getting an original product done quickly. Then do a WSO. I know your time is limited, but this sounds doable.
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    Thanks for the info so far.
    What do you think about buying all ready built and established sites? Say from like sitepoint?

    Cheap Quality Voice Talent

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    I would spend it like:

    1) Hire that person on DP forum who made excellent Squidoo lenses for $25 a pop, with my affiliate links in it. Let them make 5-6 high quality squidoo lenses.

    2) Let someone write articles and press releases which all point to those lenses.

    3) Get RSSBot and submit feeds, hire someone for social bookmarking.

    jerbol has a point too, another interesting option.
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    Sitepoint is awesome. Just note that most sellers listing in the Premium or Established sites sections will rarely provide all the information you need in order to make a well informed decision. Sometimes this is laziness, not knowing any better or them simply trying to offload a property for more than it's worth.

    Half the challenge of buying (and getting a good to great deal) on Sitepoint is knowing what questions to ask in order to illuminate any dark corners of the deal. With light shining on everything, it's much easier to asses the true value of the site.

    Good luck.
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  • You could outsource some articles or set up a PPC advertising campaign. Google Adwords will yield the fastest results, but it is also the most difficult to master.
    www.AffiliateInventor.com - Earn Money With eBay!
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    Hey. You have done a great job. In my signature is a link to some videos. If you have a moment you can check it out. I think it may be something for you.
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    Buying a site from Sitepoint might be a good idea, but it usually takes a while to make back your investment.

    If you want to make your money back as quickly as possible, I would suggest you pick a niche, hire a ghostwriter to create an ebook/info product for you and employ the services of an Adwords coach to set up a profitable campaign. If you do this right you can make your money back in less than a month and it'll keep working for you for months or ever years to come.
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    This is a pretty simple one and honestly everyone can use this. Get yourself a autoresponder but one where you can Email out as well at any time you wish. A great example of this is Aweber **grr wish I could use ref links haha** From here find a topic of interest be it SEO, General IM, traffic exchanges, safelist, list build, computer games I mean it can be anything. Build a quick loading page that has to do with the top and promote it. build your list and get yourself a click bank account. Find products test them out email them to your list earn comissions.
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    Wow! thank you for all the replies. I am going to look into all of these options.

    Cheap Quality Voice Talent

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    I think website flipping is a great option. You can hire a team of writers+developers and promoters for two sites, in that ammount and sell the sites for double the investment. Keep the cycle moving till you get a steady income stream..

    Need content? PM me!
    Great offers for WF members, coupled with unique, intriguing content.

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    Well if you want to make money right away, I go to buying website from sitepoint that already established and making money.

    But before buying, ask some proof of earnings and traffic for at least 6 months, to ensure that the site you're going to buy is really making money and have good traffic history.
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    I say think about what you have to offer someone and recruit a JV partner who has been doing this longer than you. Someone who is already a full time marketer would be nice. If you don't think you have anything to offer, think again. Fill a need which will benefit them in their business and you could possibly speed up your learning curve and money curve.

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    I'm going to say educate yourself about online business before spending your start up cash.

    there is a lot of great on this forum that'll really blow your mind. (one of the sticky topics lists all the best posts, check it out)

    once you have a clear overview of your options invest in a high-quality course to give you a thougher understanding of your new business.

    once you've done take MASSIVE action and always keep learning.

    hey everyone
    feel free to give me a PM, even if its just to say hi. i always reply back, accept freind requests ect.

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    invest the money to me

    with $400 I would suggest to use bum marketing. You can't afford to use PPC method with $400 unless you really know what you are doing.

    I would suggest try Brad Callen's PPC Web Spy for free.

    Spy which keywords that convert well. Don't worry about competition or traffic. As a matter of fact, the keywords that convert well maybe only receive 10-20 hits per month.

    But I would be happy if all of those hits convert into sales.

    Write article around the keyword. You don't need to spend a lot of time, just write one article per day, 5 days per week.

    In the end of the article you promote something, whether it is affiliate product, CPA offer or your own product. If you are too busy you can set up quick redirect to merchant's sales letter.

    In the end of month you will have 20 articles. In the end of year you will have 240 articles.

    If one article brings $5 per day on average. 240 articles will give $1,200 per day.
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