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I'm ready to list my product at Clickbank

I am tensed abt my thank u page

how can i send unique download link to my buyers, which expire after some time

or how can i save my product from unofficial downloading? any tips

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    Google for dlguard.. it should help you get started
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    Originally Posted by BODH View Post

    how can i save my product from unofficial downloading?
    "DLGuard" is a widely recommended solution to this, and its vendor's reputation for customer service/support is certainly excellent.

    But protecting the download-page is of very limited value indeed, if you do nothing to prevent illicit circulation of the PDF after people have downloaded it. Especially with ClickBank's "easy refunds", there'll still be nothing to prevent people from buying the product, distributing it widely (including uploading it to torrent and black hat sites, from which thousands can download it) and then getting a refund from ClickBank too.

    Some people claim that "nothing can be done about those things anyway", but that's actually completely wrong. There are many other alternatives (some of them widely discussed here, in other threads).

    There are also people who apparently believe that such instances "aren't really costing you anything", on the totally erroneous "reasoning" that they "were never going to buy it anyway". This is clearly nonsense: the world is full of people who, when they want a product, will first look round for anywhere/any way they might be able to download it without paying, and then after that buy it only if they couldn't find it available without paying.
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