A newbies rant to other newbies!

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Guys. I don't think 90% of you newbies out there understand the big picture. If you get into this business, you're a salesman!

You're selling whatever you're advertising. ANY way you can get sales ethically is fair game and a good thing. You're the same as a guy who sells bulk steaks in a truck or the guy that goes door to door selling sharp knives. Pick a product, find a way to get it out to as many people as you can find who are remotely interested in it, and sell it.

I'm sorry. This thread might not last long but I see a lot of newbs not even know the basics of Internet MARKETING. I just thought I'd remind some of us what we're here for.

"Off to sell some widgets."
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    Love your rant buddy

    Another common mistake made by newbies is not understanding the importance of building a list and a good relationship with that list to create on on-going source of residual income.
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    Exactly... a virtual salesman but with I believe many more benefits. A few of them; the ability to reach a huge crowd, millions and millions of people, the ability to track, test, and optimize quickly, get into and experiment with many different niches/verticals/industries, all at the comfort of your home, or if you choose your own outside office, plus a whole lot more.

    That shouldn't detract anyone whose seriously looking to get into internet marketing!
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    Short but a more then correct thread Mercusio.

    I have been working offline for more then 25 years and working online since 2007.I have seen many come and many go.

    The learning curve is always there, every day and miracles don't excist, so stop whining and start learning !
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    So true most newbies don't understand the "marketing" part in online marketing.


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    I'll jump on board on this one.

    You could also call selling persuading. I actually talk about this in a sales letter. I explain that if you can persuade people, the world is your oyster.

    For example, you don't have a computer but you use the one at your local library. You start to make some cash, so you ask a friend if he'll loan you $500 so you can buy a computer. With the extra time you'll be able work, you'll make more money and you can pay your buddy back his investment plus a couple of hundred bucks.

    What if you don't have a list, but you're a good copywriter? Offer to write somebody an autoresponder series in exchange for him doing a broadcast for you.

    There's no end to the benefits of persuasion, and anything you need can be had if you possess this skill. Use your head, and like any good marketer, think, "What's in it for my prospect?"

    Your prospect may be the guy with the big list, so what's in it for him to mail for you?

    I don't think newbies spend nearly enough time on learning the skill of persuasion.
    Zach Waldman - Los Angeles Magician
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    Salesperson...yes indeed. Selling gets a bad rep because when people think of selling as convincing people to buy something they don't really want or need. While examples of that type of salesperson abounds, it is not an accurate description of most.

    But what you have to remember is what kind of "salesperson" are you going to be? Are you going to find or create top flight products that really benefit the end user or are you going to slap together some poorly created product and release it as "revolutionary"?

    When people start getting into IM unfortunately they see too much of the latter, especially when they are desperate to get going. They fall into the "get rich by the end of the week" hype we see with too many programs out there. Because of that they get more jaded and start lashing out by making foolish or ill-considered comments.
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