Which is better: Blog comment or Facebook comment?

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Hi everyone,

I'm new here and I thought I'd start by asking a question that's been on my mind.

Which is better for SEO or marketing purposes: a comment on the blog or a comment on Facebook?
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    Blog commenting of course. It allow you to leave comment with your URL of course. If you do that in Facebook you will mark as spam.
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    Well, a face book link could get you a click or two to your site (but not really much traffic unless your fan page has traffic to it). But your face book link is no-follow which means it will let Google find your site but won't help you rank or pass link juice (this is debated regularly here, but those are my findings).

    Your blog comment on a do follow blog will let Google find you and pass rankings and link juice.

    I do however feel that along with 1,000's of other links to your site it's important to have social media links as well to look natural.

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    blog commenting undoubtedly if the blog is Do Follow it will get you backlink and you will be ranked well on google search!
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    It all depends, it's all good.

    Blog comments (especially if you comment at a blog that has CommentLuv) will result in a deep link back to you.

    Facebook comments could be on a fan page, a facebook note, an image shared, etc.etc.etc.

    They should both be part of your overall strategy.
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    There is only a very little SEO advantage on FB comments but if you have a fan page with hundreds of fans then it can bring you traffic.
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    I feel like it is important to comment on blogs that are in your niche! very helpful because many people see your kind words!
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    Hey, thanks everyone for all the shared thoughts!

    But, what if we look at it from the other side? Let's say you are developing a brand-new blog on a topic you feel can generate quite a bit of conversation. You intend that comments/discussion will be a key part of your strategy.

    Most every blog would try to encourage comments. Maybe even use a plugin like CommentLuv to really build comment juice.

    But, what if you closed comments on the blog and instead provided links to the relevant thread on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or all three?

    There would be no comments on the blog, but those links could generate a lot more conversation on the social networks. That goes to everyone's friends/circles/followers and can create more clicks through back to the original article.

    But, the idea must be flawed because I have not seen anyone doing this.
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    I feel that , thats a great idea but you might direct the attention of your readers away from your blog, with having them posting on a social networking site. Maybe if it was pointing to a Facebook Fan page but you still have a comment coloume on your blog you might get the same example that you want. Thats just my opinion on it! but sounds great either way!
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    Good fanpage can provide good traffic but it needs lots of fans and high engagement index so imho traditional SEO on blogs should be better
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    Blog comment is the best. It is very effective and drives traffic to your link/website.
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    Where do people get the impression Facebook commenting is no follow. Facebook posting to personal walls is no follow but not to groups and fan pages. Fan Pages links get index by google in a day or 2. As far as a high ranking website, it doesn't get higher than Facebook. The challenge is making the posting without Facebook blocking the post. You can only safely make 1 to 3 post per day per account. To effectively post to Facebook Fan Pages, you need multiple accounts with multiple proxies and automation software.
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    Thanks for clearing up the no follow misconception to personal wall vs Facebook Fan Page walls. I've heard a lot of people contradict one another on Facebook backlinks. I've implemented the Facebook Fan Page posting strategy with great success. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong, google does indexes my Facebook Fan Page comment links. I've even heard that google's page ranking algorithm takes into consideration links that are showing up in Facebook.
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