I NEED Your Help!

by Robert Brown 15 replies
Hey Warriors,

I am doing some market research and I was wondering if you could help me out and take a look at my survey and fill it in!

What Do You Need Help With Most? Survey

I am looking to provide some free information and would like to know what you need help with!


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    Ok, I did the survey. Hope it helps you

    Someting awesome coming soon!

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    Ever heard of the word PLEASE?
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    Hey ,
    I love it when someone show exactly what to do and how to do it through Videos , it is easier to follow and you ll never forget it .

    good luck

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    Hello Robert,

    I think your survey is too general in order to be useful. That is, it's going to be hard for you to interpret any data you receive.

    Let me start with your original post, where you said:

    Originally Posted by TJBrown1 View Post

    I am looking to provide some free information and would like to know what you need help with!
    You just set the expectation that you're offering FREE information. And yet one of your three questions is how much people are willing to pay for their training. I wouldn't be surprised if the answers were skewed in the $0 - $197 range, simply because you already set the expectation of free training.

    Secondly, even if you hadn't set that expectation...

    The questions are too vague. People are going to answer them based on their definition of various terms and what springs to mind.

    For example, when you say something like "Mass Persuasion Tactics," people might think of Frank Kern. So yeah, if Frank Kern put out another product, people would probably shell out hundreds if not thousands for it.

    But if YOU put out a mass persuasion product? Well, since you don't yet have a "big name," you probably can't command as high of prices. You might have people telling they'd pay up to $997 for it (because they're thinking about Frank Kern), but then you may find you struggle to sell it for $497. Or even $197.

    See what I mean? People's perceptions of what they pay for the info are going to depend on what they're thinking about when they answer your survey.

    There's more I could say about this, but I just wanted to point out that your data may not match with your future experiences due to the way this survey is constructed. If you want better, more accurate answers, you'll need to present better, more in-depth questions so that there's less room for multiple interpretations. That and you'll need to do market research to see if what people tell you actually corresponds to their actions (e.g., what are people already buying).


    p.s. I don't mean this to be nitpicky, so forgive me if it came off that way. Rather, I'm trying to help you improve your survey so that you can get good, usable data.
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    I did the survey.... hope it will be a help for you. Good luck!
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    Hi Robert,

    Just finished the survey. I wanted to mention that I prefer Group Coaching but videos and webinars are great too! A lot of times if the info. is really good I will convert the video to mp3 so I can listen in the car and on the go.

    Hope it works out for you!

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    Finished a survey for you..Robert.

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    Done the survey already.

    Hope it will be useful to you


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      Just completed the survey.

      I hope it helps you in your venture.
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