What to do with my mailing list?

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Ok, I have a site with over 40,000 members. Because of this I naturally have their email addresses and could build a campaign in about 45 seconds.

But now I am stuck wondering, should I sell the list because it's fresh or should I mail an offer and make the list less valuable?

I don't know what a list like this would sell for nor do I know how responsive the list would be if I mailed them myself.

I do know that almost all of the members are web masters, marketers and or SEO consultants.

What would you do?
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    Can't help you much without knowing what kind of a niche you're in. You could create a free product and bait them to subscribe. Then send them a short series of helpful emails without any offers. Then you could pick an affiliate product or CPA offer and send them an offer. But this is just some random, basic e-mail list stuff, really can't say much. Selling an email list would be a waste if you ask me.
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    create something of value to give them for free, then pitch something at the end of it, it's pratically a standard protocol of all successful info marketers
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    I would set up a set of newsletters on an autoresponder and deliver quality content.

    Then you can add good products to your newsletter and market them.

    Always track how many people open your emails and click on links.
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    Your main focus should be providing value to them and build relations with them so they get to know, like and trust you. Not sure if selling it is very ethical. Try giving them free content that really over delivers. Then you could affiliate market to them or even go for an upsell behind your gift.

    Hope that helps
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    Of course it depends on your intentions whether you want to keep the list for long term income or to make a quick buck by selling the list

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    You already have the list, why are you still thinking about it?

    Make sure you send a balanced broadcast of valuable how to's and offers.

    This way, they get a lot of value and information by being on your list
    and you can make a living at the same time.

    Don't sell your list. Value it, protect it and nurture it.
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    Originally Posted by ADHardwick View Post

    ...or should I mail an offer and make the list less valuable?
    Mailing to your list will not make it less valuable. Not mailing to it will.

    The more time that goes by without any contact, the more likely that the subscribers won't know who the heck you are and that may cause a lot of them to make spam complaints.

    I once had a student tell me that he would not market to his list, because he was scared that some would unsubscribe.

    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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      The only way to find out how responsive the list will be is to mail them. You could find out that your list is really responsive to your emails, which in turn could be really valuable to you.

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