Selling Personal Books on Amazon - Advice please

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I thought I would ask my fellow Warriors this, as I as sure some of you have done this and I have googled like mad with no success - and emailed Amazon, but no reply yet.

I am a massive bookworm, I have literally thousands of books in my house.
I would really like to clear some out now.

It was suggested to me that I sell them through Amazon, as many are technical and text books, and those seem to sell well, and that I would get better prices etc than on eBay.

But all's info on selling seems to assue you would be a business seller.

I would not be making a profit on these books, I bought them for full price. I do not have to pay tax on the sale of personal items either. But will Amazon let me sell as an individual?

Secondly (connected), you need a 'seller name'. I happen to have a really perfect name which I could use. I own the .com to this name and no one else is using it on amazon or elsewhere. So I would like to sell under this. Would I need to notify HMRC? Folks sell on eBay under any name they like, so is it the same on Amazon?

I do not want to have to pay tax on this, this is not a business, I am just clearing my personal book collection.

Please, has anyone done this, and is it ok to be a personal seller on Amazon?
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