Good call center for accepting phone orders?

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I notice that all my competitors in my niche have phone numbers. I've been avoiding it due to my rough english and nerves on the phone. But I want to change this

I need a call service that can

- answer basic customer questions from a script
- take orders and refunds (they can email them to me for processing

Why not just hire a filipino? Because my order volume is very low and I can't pay my own person for a work shift; it wouldn't make sense. I need to pay per minute (or month, but per minute is ideal). As soon as I hit a decent volume of sales I can hire a full time person.

What good companies can you recommend?

Thanks for your help!
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    out source this!

    works out far cheaper for a really professional sounding secatary that can either direct you calls or take a message and email you it!
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    Hmm... here's something I thought of quickly. First do some split testing and find out when most of the calls come in, basically "rush hour".

    After you've found those 2-3 hours that most calls come in hire a person who deals with customer service. Simply go to freelancer and post an ad requesting somebody to work 2-3 hours per day as your customer service representitive.

    These guys are cheap. If you have many calls coming in (even 5 calls a day can get you huge success) than this will definitely be something you must look into. Before hiring my own team to work full time with customer service I used to hire these people for all of my popular micro sites. I paid the guy $6/hour and he read a script, spoke pretty fluent english without an accent, took orders and forwarded all refund requests to me.

    All calls aren't going to come in at the same time, so make sure people can leave voicemail! When the freelancer you're hiring goes to work, make sure he calls them back so you don't miss out on sales!

    That's my personal technique I used before my business got out of hand and I was required to hire many employees that do customer service.

    I hope this helps!
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