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Can somebody who knows, tell me a little about buying traffic? pros, cons?
Where do people who offer to sell traffic actually get it? Cheers.
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    Yeah I'll tell you, don't buy traffic buy ad space on an authority site.
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    Where they get traffic is question that you should ask the seller. Before buying should ask where the visitors come from ( regions)
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    Well buying traffic will get visitors to your site however, they may not be laser targeted. This method may be a bit expensive as well. If you're looking for a paid method of traffic generation, I say do ad space or Facebook PPC. Other than that, go and take advantage of all the free ways to generate traffic. Have a strong presence on social media and start doing seo.
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    Unless it's PPC, most, if not all traffic sellers sell junk traffic that wouldn't convert if you hit it over the head with a hammer
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    If you know how to post on CraigsList you can mine for gold :-), plus it is free.
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    Choosing to buy traffic is risky, especially should you be looking at this option in order to boost your economy. First, you have to realize that it doesn’t guarantee financial reward every time someone visits your web site. There are actually no proofs to an existing relationship between get more traffic and sales. Secondly, it does not guarantee that the visitors will be as part of your target market. In addition, there’s no guarantee you will receive any money that replaces the one you spent in buying website traffic.
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    I think you got your answer! Just remember to have a strong back end in place.

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    Well, paid traffic is definitely a lot faster than most free methods. However, there is a good chance you will lose some money before the campaign becomes profitable.

    If you're talking about online methods, I prefer PPC and media buying.
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    I bought traffic before from a company. It was okay but it didn't quite give me the results I wanted. They claim to get their traffic from google ads and other form of paid ads. I'd opt for buying ad space rather than buying the traffic directly. It'll be more targeted and in some instances cheaper...
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    One way or another traffic converts. Everyone needs something.

    It's just a matter of - if you're offering the right widget to the right people.

    If you're using some kind of cheap generic traffic source, you're more than likely going to have to offer something like ring tones.

    But if you use more targeted traffic sources like PPC or CPV (with good URL lists) you can niche specific offers.

    Above all - test. That's the only way you're going to get any real answers.
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    I bought some traffic a couple of days ago and started getting results yesterday. I've had nearly 2,000 unique visitors and not a single sign up. I'm not sure if it's because of my offer or non-targeted traffic.
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    Don't buy traffic. They're all junk. If you want, then try adcenter.microsoft.com.

    Hope I spell it right.
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    I agree with the bulk of opinion here. Buying traffic, or traffic exchanges are really not the best way to go. I like web 2.0 websites like Squidoo, Hubpages, Gather etc and book mark them using sites like Digg, Delicious etc and of course combine these with FaceBook and tweet everything. Yes this is a lot more work, and it is a long term strategy, but it works. I also like the idea of buying ad space on authority sites mentioned by Thomas Michal.

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      I'm going to moderately disagree with a few of the comments on this thread...

      I'm of the personal opinion that buying traffic is the best darn thing you can do for your business if you're just getting started. Here's why...

      1) You'll realize that you're sales pitch probably isn't as good as you thought it was

      2) You'll be able to find that out quickly (probably overnight and usually within a week)

      3) You won't waste weeks with articles, SEO, tweets and slaps only to find out that you're offer isn't good enough.

      4) It's easy to test, tweak and re-deploy with paid traffic until you get a winner (or realize that you need to ditch the project and try something different)

      The key here is (of course) to be buying real traffic and not "hits" or "wholesale traffic packages" ...etc. All of that is basically just bots and scripts to push up your site stats. Utter rubbish.

      But if you can find real traffic (like PPC, PPV or even PTC traffic) cheaply then you should definitely make full use of it. (Never risk more than you can spare to lose. It doesn't take much to test though. You only need a few hundred visitors before you should be able to tell if your offer is working or not.)

      Why? Because paid traffic is scalable and if you can find just ONE offer that converts you're better off than 90% of the free traffic crowd (and that includes the social media freaks).

      And now let me drop even more wisdom on you...

      Do you know the main reason why most people lose money when buying paid traffic?

      *tick - tock - tick -tock*

      Because they already have an offer (product or service) that they want to sell to those visitors. (I know I'm going to regret sharing all this good stuff for free.)

      If you're going to buy traffic, then you FIRST need to do 2 things:

      a) Find out exactly where the traffic is coming from (is it PPC, PPV, PTC or whatever)

      b) Once you know the "type" of traffic you'll be receiving (what they're interested in, what frame of mind will they be in when they arrive at your website) you need to create an offer specifically for that traffic source!

      there are specific types of products and opt-in offers that will appeal to CPV traffic that probably wont appeal to PTC traffic and-so-on, and-so-forth.

      ** Oh, one last thing; another reason why so few people have any success with paid traffic is because they're trying to sell something that they probably couldn't even give away for free.

      This is a copywriting problem more than anything else. Here's a tip; Take whatever sales letter you have (for whatever product you're currently selling) and remove the "Order" button (I'm serious as a heart attack) and see if you can get people to give you their name and email address for the product your offering.

      If you can't get a decent opt-in rate then 9-out-of-10 times it's because your offer stinks. (I never said your product -- I said your offer) Rewrite your offer until you get numbers showing that people actually want what you've got before you put back your order button.

      Now go out there and make me proud!
      Stark Expressions
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    I can give you free traffic on my new PTC site. Some of the links are converting on it. If you (or any other warrior here) would like 2000 free credits, click the link in my siggy and email me or PM your user name after you sign up and I will give your account 2000 credits

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    When its about paying for traffic I think Adwords is best.

    Otherwise you can buy adspace in your niche related sites/blogs.

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