Burning Audio to CD???

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Hi all!

I recorded a call via Audio Acrobat and now I need to burn it to CD. The file is an MP3 format, but as I understand it, it won't play in a car CD player or boom box CD player if I burn the MP3 file to the CD.

What file format do I need to convert it to to make sure it plays on CD players (not just a computer)? I have Sony Sound Forge to do the converting. I'm not very techie and have done a search online, but I'm not finding the info.

Anyone know??? I'd really appreciate the help!

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      Thanks so much! I appreciate it. I'll try it.
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        I'd just use iTunes or Nero.

        If you use Nero, it will prompt you to burn a Data CD or Audio. Choose Audio, add your file, and you're off to the races.

        If you choose Data, you get the CD with an MP3 on it.
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    Another vote for Nero!

    You can get a free trial version here Nero - Free Trial Version - Nero 11 (not an affiliate link)

    Get my latest FREE report: 5 Steps to Managing Anything (no opt-in required).

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    Nero is the most simple and easy way to convert mp3 into audio file!
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    Nero is very common for burning audio/movie to CD. It is very easy to use.
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      Another Nero user chiming in...
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        Thanks for your suggestions everyone!

        I already have Sony Sound Forge, so I'm not willing to buy another program. BUT Targeted Traffic's suggestion of using iTunes worked. Thanks so much! That's what I wanted: a simple, "Do it now!" solution.

        I played the CD all the way through just to make sure it burned fine, and it did. My only complaint is that when I popped it into the CD player, it took about 15 seconds (a LONG time!) before it found the track. It kept scanning, trying to find it before it started to play. I actually intend to have it duplicated and shipped by Speaker Fulfillment Services on a regular basis, but this got it out quick when I needed it.

        Thanks for your help!

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