Aussies on Comission Junction

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    As I understand it:

    The first (W8) is for people who have a physical business (or other?) presence in the United States. So if you have a building, or own some form of property located in the US, that is involved in your business, use the first form.

    If, like me, you live outside the US and have no business assets inside the US, use the second form.

    PS. If you are unsure, check with your accountant. Who is at least a little familiar with the US system. It's really complex.
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        I'm in Melbourne too.

        All you have to do is check mark the Certification Of No United States Activities (non-US persons) item and then you will be asked to fill in your name as your signature. From there you'll be able to get paid and won't be paying US tax. You of course will need to declare your income on your Australian tax return and it will be taxed ....if meeting all the thresholds etc.
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