600,000 searches in December… What is it worth? Please advice.

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Hi everyone,

I would appreciate your advice on this please:

I own a domain name which I have over the last couple of months built into a simple website. I would like to sell the domain name now to anyone interested. I intend to list it for sale soon.

My problem is that I have no idea what to ask for the domain name.

I need your advice on how much you think I should sell.

I know it’s valuable and has a lot of potential because of the following reasons below:

- The domain name and website is presently Number One, on page one for its main keyword in the Yahoo search engine and several other searchengines. This is number one out of a search count of 306,000,000.

- The main keyword has a search volume according to Google keyword tool of over 600,000. Yes, that’s 600,000 searches on Google in the month of December 2008. It averages over 300,000 every month on Google.

- It’s presently rising fast in Google, but not in first page yet. This is because I have lots of backlinks to the website. I also added an extra 250 backlinks to the site last week from good PR sites. So it’s sure to rise really faster soon.

- It’s a keyword from the musical instrument playing industry, with lots of people paying good dollar for adwords. Other products can be promoted through its main keyword.

- The domain name already appears in over 725 places on the internet according to google. This is due to all the work I have been doing to spread the link on the web.

- One of the pages of the website is already a PR 1, ranked.

So, that’s it. I want to sell the domain name to raise some quick extra cash for the children’s charity I’m supporting. And I am busy building up my other sites which includes a membership site which is also profitable and demands my attention.

I’m not selling the website content because, the content is nothing special. It’s just a few articles and words. Any buyer could always build something more profitable since there are so many products to promote through it.

So what do you guys suggest I sell this domain name for?

Thanks in advance for helping out with suggestions.
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