Tracking My Visitor's Path?

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I am ready to launch a huge advertising campaign and I want to know if the traffic I bring will convert to sales.

So, my question is can anyone recommend a traffic tracker that can tell me which visitors convert land on my receipt page.

I know all sorts of trackers have goal tracking, but I can't seem to find one that is easy to read and offers good statistics. I tried Google analytics tracking, but I can't get the goal conversions to work.

The tracking service could be a paying service if it is really good.

Appreciate the help!
Thank you,

George Christodoulou
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    GA is one of the best and easiest there is.

    I'd suggest you either approach Google if you think you've done everything right.

    Or if you just want it done, you could offer a project at hte likes of,,, etc. Someone on there will be prpared to do it for you for very little money.

    Good luck
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    Hi there,

    Google analytics is a really good piece of software. I seem to remember setting up the goals isn't too difficult - have you gone through the help on it? Normally it's very comprehensive.

    There are other pieces of software out there - just Google "website tracking software" and you should find a few different ones - they can cost a lot though and Google Analytics has a lot of features!

    All the best

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