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I am going to try and focus on creating high quality products I think from now on. I am no good at getting traffic though.

So my question is: if I am a no name IMer will affiliate marketers jump on promoting my products if I give them great affiliate tools and stuff and my sales page is professional and everything or do they only try and promote for people they reconize?



The reason I am asking this is because I bought a WSO and it says that when he launched his product on CB that within 6 days there were allready a ton of affiliates promoting his product so I wouldn't have to worry about traffic too much. I don't know if that situation goes for everyone though.
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    Well, I certainly hope you're not launching a product in the Internet Marketing Niche. Being able to Drive Traffic is what runs you're IM campaigns, and if you're not able to do that yourself - how will you be able to teach others how to do that?

    What I would suggest is learning traffic generation yourself. There's SEO of course, and I would suggest you play with facebook,youtube, twitter - those are all great ways to get targeted FREE traffic.

    Once you practice what you plan on preaching, you might be more successful.

    Understand, i'm not trying to be cynical - just realistic. You're on the warrior forum saying you suck at getting traffic, and you want to launch a product in the (I'm assuming) IM niche telling others how to make money online?

    Here's my suggestion for you, for now.

    This is what I did, and I'm making a killing now every time I send out an email AND I've got some big names now (that you know) that "owe me" an email blast when I do my own launch:

    Build a list, give something AMAZING away for free on your website via a kick ass squeeze page.
    Build that list, build a RELATIONSHIP with your list. If they trust you, they'll buy from you a-lot.

    Promote OTHER IM'ers big product launches and get their attention. Even if you don't get on their leader-board, if you sell $2k worth of their product - they will most likely return the favor and promote your product IF it's a good product/sales page etc.

    Once you start making sales for others, you can shoot them an email and you'll quite possibly get a response. I've made MANY contacts now because of doing this, and now i'm working on a product launch of my own with a big name IMer helping with the back end stuff.

    Good luck, but seriously - don't just expect to build a product and get rich doing that. You might want to learn what you plan on teaching first. :-)

    Too lazy to write something clever here, so check out my marketing blog and learn from a REAL Super Affiliate at

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    We were all no namers at one time or another... if you have a good product and really believe in it, it will resonate to potential affiliates...I say give it a try. And as far as traffic goes, I think you should equally if not put more effort on learning how to get traffic and not just affiliates. Traffic is the heartbeat of an IM biz...don't depend on other for your heartbeat.

    You'll never know until you give it a go.
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    Originally Posted by Augie Johnston View Post

    if I am a no name IMer will affiliate marketers jump on promoting my products if I give them great affiliate tools and stuff and my sales page is professional and everything or do they only try and promote for people they reconize?
    Hi Augie,

    I agree with both Eljeffe and Ncmedia, above.

    It'll certainly help you a lot, from the perspective of getting affiliates, if you can use a network like ClickBank, DigiResults or RapBank, who take care of paying the affiliates for you. The reasons for this are simple: first, professional affiliates may look slightly askance at depending for their payments on a vendor they don't know (whereas those three networks have excellent reputations, from the affiliates' perspective, for prompt and reliable payments); secondly, it may be a good way for "affiliates to find you". You still need to promote your product to affiliates, of course, and not just depend on them noticing it and signing up, but being attached to a major network which handles the payments can help with that, too.

    If a quick summary of "what serious affiliates look for" helps you, at all, this post gives an overview of the sort of criteria we typically take into account in selecting products.

    Good luck!
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      Some time back, Becky Hagel wrote a report about how she "went undercover" and created some significant JV opportunities as an anonymous marketer. See if you can track down a copy...
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    That seems like a limit you're putting on yourself. Yes having a "big name" helps, but it shouldn't stop you. Other marketers will market your stuff for one main reason, LARGE commissions.

    If you have a product paying them $500 to $1,000 per sale, they'll jump all over it and pump it out to their lists. If it pays $5 to $10 commission they won't give you the time of day.

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      Here are a few things that I have learned recently having launched my first product.

      Until you have a name for yourself, be prepared to give a big percentage to affiliates. When I say big, think 70%-100% (use it to build your list). This will depend on the cost of your product. Rarely will they consider a product that pays them less than $10 a sale net. They value their list and are selective with their offerings (and rightly so). The more they make per sale, the more likely you get their attention.

      You need to have a finished product (at least 90%) and you need to schedule a launch several weeks in advance. Many potential JV's will have their emails pre-scheduled in advance due to specials and launches.

      Start making a list of potential JV's. Try and find marketers that have a product complementary to yours where they can target market their list. The rifle approach is much better than the shotgun approach.

      Get testimonials/reviewers. Plan for 25-50% of the ones you give out, to never get back to you. Give yourself enough time to get feedback. If you have 30 videos, do not expect them to review it today.

      Lastly, many JV requests will go unanswered. Do not sweat it. Big name marketers are getting hit up dozens of times per day. Do not take it personal and move on. They may be a perfect fit for your next launch. I also had some that did not respond until after my launch, and saw decent conversions and a low refund rate and jumped on board.

      Consider an initial launch with a WSO here and then a bigger launch on ClickBank in the future. You can use your stats from your WSO to entice CB affiliates.

      Start working on JV relationships now! I rushed my first launch and although moderately successful (I was very happy), my next launch will me much more strategic and hopefully much more successful.

      Listen to what ncmedia is saying. He has a HUGELY converting ClickBank product that I have moved a number of units and made some money. In fact, check out his Sig and see his sales page and affiliate tools.

      Just a launch newbies perspective.
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        Short answer: yes.

        Long answer: I recently launched my first WSO that I feel I did in the "right" way. I did a pre-launch on another membership forum that went very well, and then launched here.

        With decent conversion stats at launch, I pulled in over 50 affiliate requests fairly quickly...but approved less than 30 (to keep my conversion rate at a decent level.

        Now, it's on page 13 or so on the WSO forum, and I'm still getting the occasional request.

        It's not who you are that will help your launch be a success, it's the quality of your product and the process you use to launch.
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    I have gotten alot of great insight. Thanks everyone. No, it's not in the IM niche, eljeffe77. The biggest thing I think I have gotten out of this is to test alot, and try to get my conversions very high before getting affiliates.
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    The answer is yes but you don't need "name" marketers to promote you. Whatever niche you are whether IM, weight loss, there are people out there that will send you traffic. Go after the smaller fish, blog owners, squidoo lens owners, etc. They might not be a name but they can send great traffic. And, that's not even the best part. They get very few request for JV's and are more likely to say yes. One last tip I'd give which I do in my business is I give my affiliates 50% commission on almost every backend product I sell.
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