Build Your List Then Make A Sale Or Vice Versa?

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Hi Warriors,

A little question has been bugging me recently, so I'd like to hear your thoughts...

Do you aim to build your list first... and then make the sale?

Or make the sale first... and then build your list?

I had it all worked out in my head (list then sale) BUT... something got me thinking again. (brain. think. bad.)

If you're focused on building your list, then you're mainly promoting FREEBIES which means that you'll tend to attract a lot more freebie seekers than buyers.

So you might have a massive list... but they all don't really want to buy anything.

On the other hand...

If you're focused on making sales (.... ales ales ales), then you're getting a lot more buyers onto your list but only after they buy. So a whole bunch of people who aren't buying for some reason or the other don't get on your list and may be lost to you forever.

So you have a buyers list... but don't capture any other potential customers' names because you're too busy trying to make money.

Obviously there's a lot more pros and cons I haven't considered but this is just off the top of my head.

What do you prefer? Is there some kind of happy compromise?
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    I believe it's a common practice to maintain separate Buyer and Prospect lists, which might just start with an opt-in form at the beginning of your sales funnel, with those who followed through with a buy shifted to the list of more valuable proven buyers.

    To filter out the freebie seekers, some offer an extremely low cost item on the front end, not necessarily to capture a CC# for re-billing, but rather to identify those willing to part with some amount of money, thee are the prospects much more likely to make additional purchases in the future.

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    My friend, forget about the notion that people who optin in for a freebie are not buyers. If you get targeted prospects on your list, and have the correct plan in place aka sales funnel, you will convert prospects faster than you think.

    Think about it. The targeted peopke who enter their name and enail wants what you've got to offer. If that freebie exceeds their expectation, the rest is a matter of subsequent value and trust which will make them click your buy button ob your sales page or paid offer.

    My advice to you is build a list of targeted buyers. Don't mind if its paid or free!
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    Originally Posted by thadbong View Post

    Is there some kind of happy compromise?
    Here's a happy compromise so you can have your cake
    and eat it...

    Have an enticing freebie that you give away to build
    a list of prospects AND on the thank you page make
    an irresistable offer for a front-end product.

    That way, you get to quickly convert some of the new

    You'll also get to keep the as yet unconverted prospects
    on an autoresponder series that's set-up specifically to
    convert them into BUYERS.

    This way, you get to build a BUYERS list and a PROSPECT
    list at the same time.


    People BUY when they're ready to buy, NOT when you're
    ready to SELL.

    Give people opportunities to buy at each point in your
    process so they can BUY when they're ready to.

    Dedicated to mutual success,



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      I think Shaun hit the nail on the head. When I was in sales my manager used to say that every time you talked to anybody, what you are really doing is selling.

      When you give somebody something free, what you are really doing is selling them on you. Just make sure that when you do give them something free, it is so good the prospect says, "I have to buy something from this guy".



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    Failing to deliver value while establishing trust and authority will get you very little sale and no repeated sales.
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    you can probably reach a good compromise by doing what is called a 'self-liquidating offer'. What this means is you offer something free, however when they sign up, you then offer a low cost upsell. This upsell is very low ticket, preferably not more than $10, and is very much related to your free offer. So if your free offer is about good guidelines for squeeze pages, then your low cost upsell can be a squeeze page template. If they buy, they get put on your buyer's list. if not, they still get on your freebies list. win win scenario! It's called self liquidating because the cost you pay to get traffic to your capture form is covered by the low cost upsell.
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    Two sites...

    First site:
    - Has exceptional content.
    - Your best.
    -100% affiliate program. Build list

    Second site:
    - Earn trust from first site's list members
    - Sell a (1) of your better than best products to your list
    - Give your first site affiliates 50% on this second site
    - Keep tweaking until you're sitting on the beach watching sunsets

    Put it on auto pilot and market forever.
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    Thanks everyone! Much love to you.

    That settles it for me. List first sales later.
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