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Whats it actually do? I cant stand mystery stuff, I like a nice up front.. This is what it does, if you want to pay to get access great.

Its foggy as to what the software actually does. I mean how can software help you get traffic?
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    I'd be interested if anyone has a review of this product as well.
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    Overpriced Link Builder that you dont really need.
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    I know it sounds shallow perhaps, but I don't buy anything the contains the following in their names:
    • Annihilation
    • Black
    • Conspiracy
    • Killer
    • or similar

    It's just a bit too much hype for me.

    Besides, most of these 'systems' involve short-lived solutions that provide 'tricks' for making money as opposed to long-term business building through quality products and quality relationships.

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    That's what THIS section is for:

    Internet Marketing Product Reviews & Ratings
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    It is basically a link building system. Works fine, but down the line, Google will come to know about the way it works and they would then tweak their algorithm to fool no point investing in it

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    Great offers for WF members, coupled with unique, intriguing content.

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