Launched 10 Review Sites - Seeking Advice on Affiliate Sales

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So I just launched 10 affiliate sites that compare 10 products in each.

Here is one of them: (I apologize -- not trying to promote whatsoever -- need to show in order to get constructive criticism and improve).

They all basically look like that. Different banner, different products, niches, etc, but same "concept".

The sites are currently being SEO'ed and my goal is to drive affiliate sales.

What's your thought on the site? What would you improve? What turns you off, or what catches your attention?

Absolutely any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much,

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  • Profile picture of the author Rsberg
    The basic layout is very similar to many "review" sites and doesnt look too bad, obviously review sites do pretty well or there wouldnt be so many of them out there

    Maybe it's just me but the text looks a little too light grey, should be darker IMO...kind of hard to read or focus on.
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    • Profile picture of the author pluto1
      Your website looks very good, I couldn't find any flaws. Like the color combination and detailed reviews are easy on eyes. I think you should do very well with the affiliate sales.
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    Nice idea and nice website but my advice modify colors, the layout looks great but the colors is annoying. They seems not to go along with each other.
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    I like the set up and layout, but man those colors are hard on the eyes. Maybe tone them down a bit.

    Benjamin Ehinger
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  • Profile picture of the author awddude
    5 stars everywhere means I can't choose! Make it easier to choose what I'm looking for by manipulating the star ratings. Make two or three clear winners on the top 10 please.

    Furthermore it will look far more natural this way.
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  • Profile picture of the author jgant
    Overall, very nice.

    I echo awddude that the 5 stars across the board makes it tough for visitors to decide.

    I would had some headings in the Features section so people can scan for different features.

    I like the color scheme, but then I like that theme (I too own it). Well done. Now it's time to SEO away.
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  • Profile picture of the author Online Bliss
    Looks a lot better than most review sites.
    Great job.
    I agree with Rsberg,
    the grey text is a little hard on the eyes.
    You've got it Made
    with the Guy in the Shades!
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  • Profile picture of the author gushy0202
    Not sure if its your technique... but the font is very light to read and not pleasing for eyes... thanks..
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    • Profile picture of the author dfs_dean
      Overall the site looks clean and to the point. But when I clicked around to read some full reviews I found instances of one price in the text and another in the features table without an explanation for the difference. This will confuse your potential customers and can lessen your credibility. (Visitors shouldn't spot what they think are errors and/or inconsistencies.)

      Then, when I clicked through on one of the products (McAfee) I was taken to the front page of yet another software website. I had to search the navigation links to find McAfee. Then after a couple more clicks I found a list of McAfee products. Don't make me think and don't make me work. I expect the reviewer to take me directly to the product rather than leaving it for me to find it for myself. If you link directly to the sales page for the specific product you are reviewing it would be so much easier for your potential buyers, and much more profitable for you. I'm afraid that if I had been in the market for the software I would have clicked away and purchased elsewhere.

      Your visitors are counting on you to lead them to what they want. Don't make them think (too much) and don't confuse them with too many decisions. A value that reviewers can provide is to simplify the decision/purchasing process for folks. I think you'll find the easier you can make it for them the more rewarding they can make it for you.

      Find something to enjoy about reality. It's not going to go away.
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  • Profile picture of the author boxoun
    How do you plan on getting traffic? I would making a couple of those 3 star reviews. All 4s and 5s looks off.
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  • Profile picture of the author gushy0202
    Is there a plugin for the leave feedback popup in right corner of the page? It creates some sort of engagement w/ the visitors...
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  • Profile picture of the author Ottosh
    Under the Features, List those aren't really Features of the product, so to me it instantly makes the page confusing, I would give benefits of each program and mention price in the paragraph somewhere
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  • Profile picture of the author jeffreys

    By far this is a very good review site. It looks clean and professional. Well done.

    The only thing is to make it more natural such as add more content.
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  • Profile picture of the author Manoj V
    Pretty neat piece of work! Like someone said above, the font could be darker.

    The box with features and ratings is repeated below the review. You could change that.

    Adding a video review could improve it further. YouTube can send a lot of traffic to your site.
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  • Profile picture of the author Ross Cohen
    Thanks so much! Appreciate all the feedback. I'd like to change the color scheme, think I'd have to hire someone on here to do that for me as I don't know which colors would be best and such. As for the ratings, I'll work on that too. Much appreciated!
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  • Profile picture of the author barbling
    One of the best resources I've found for review sites is

    I've read several of her tips and ideas about how to make review sites stand out and she *really* knows her niche. ie, she talks about the space above the fold, how to make the call to action really stand out, etc.etc.etc. It's stuff I haven't seen elsewhere.
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    • Profile picture of the author ppetri
      I like the site. You a have done a great job to start. Word Press all the way, nice! Just some things I see are and please don't take this wrong, it's just I have done a gazillion pages in my life and you are on the right track: Color combos are good but header graphic does not match the theme appearance at all and looks a bit low quality (lowers the overall quality some in my opinion). Your font should not be black but not that light grey either. Go a shade darker.

      I suggest that you move your "Hello, my name is" intro paragraph and move it to the top of the sidebar or on top of main area. Also, concerning the "My name is", ppl are not interested in who we are, they are there for a purpose, THEY NEED SOMETHING or WANT SOMETHING. Add valuable content about why the page will HELP them. HOW TO SAVE THEM MONEY or I AM HERE TO GIVE UNBIASED REVIEWS with keywords "To Save You", "To Help You", "To Make It Easy For You". The page MUST be about them! You can say, "over the years I have purchased some really crappy internet security products and feel compelled to help you not make the same mistakes i have". Throw some scare tactics in there like " Some low quality internet security software can seriously crash your computer". Add more keywords in your content about what the site is "internet security reviews".

      I would remove all the "visit website" links from the main page and keep them inside each review. This will funnel the customer to your actual review. Too many buttons and links outside will kill your site and confuse the potential customer. Your "visit website" links should directly go to the product in question, not a page where more products can be found not related to your review. Many are good but the McAfee link takes a whle to find the product once outside your page.

      One other thing if i am inside a review of one of the products you have no exit "back" button so you have to use the browser. What would be nice is if you could have the " top 10 ranking image" to the right a clickable image for each product. Thus you would not need to back out of a page, the customer could click all products within each review.

      Now for the personal reviews that you give: You are not giving any... I see a sentence or two at the top of each review page but nothing really personal. All of the information under "Overview, Features, and Price" are basically pasted from the corporate websites. So there is zero quality/unique content that customers and search will love.

      If you are interested in standing out in the personal review niche, be personable. Give unbiased reviews and use unique personal content. Not only will your potential customers like it, but so will Google.

      To close, your site design and structure is great. Love the contact us, and live help. No affiliate links and gocode redirecting is so smart it isn't funny. The best part is you are actually showing ppl top rated products, many are 5 star. Some here on Warrior say that you have too many top rates on the site but I love it. It allows the customer to make a concise decision without having to leave your site.

      Again, please don't think I am trying to be negative, if this is your first or second attempt at a review site you are on your way. My stuff never looked this good when I started, I am impressed! Much luck - Pete
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  • Profile picture of the author Vendzilla
    bland website, which is good, but the offers are also bland at first site, you need to make them stick out more
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