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I have some cpanel hosting that is running out of space. Also, I have some issues with security.

The first problem, security, is this...

My host has applied some security measures, which I can fully understand, being in IT myself. However, now every time I setup a new Wordpress installation, I am having to ask them to whitelist some of the WP processes for me to continue adding new posts and editing themes.

My question is, are all cpanel hosts having the same issue? I'm happy with my host overall, and to be fair, they resolve the situation quickly through live chat, but it's still time consuming.

My second issue is I am running out of space. I am building a whole series of subdomains of a main domain, and am thinking about setting up Wordpress for multisite, so I only need one installation and one set of plugins. How can I achieve this after I've already setup various subdomains? Plus I have other unrelated domains hosted on the same space. Am I going to get into trouble if I start amending htaccess fies etc?

Thanks in advance! :confused:
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    I have WP and I am not getting whitelisting issues in my CPanel.
    Coach Mike Horn
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    1. Never heard about this kind of "whitelisting" in relation to WP.
    Some hosts, when in lack of in-depth knowledge, think more restrictions = security.

    How can I achieve this after I've already setup various subdomains?
    Wrong order... First comes the WP MS > then it creates subdomains (if you set it like that). If a subdomain already exists it won't be able to create a blog with the same (subdomain) name.

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      I'm not sure your host is the right one for you. Last May I switched my reseller hosting account to a host who runs LiteSpeed, and I have to say what a huge difference this has made for running WordPress or any other PHP application.

      If you continue to have these issues with your host, I would strongly suggest you get yourself a different host, preferable one who uses LiteSpeed

      here's one in the US:
      Hawk Host - LiteSpeed
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    Hmm, this really makes no sense to me either. Perhaps it's a mod_security issue they dealing with. Can't say for certain, but certainly seems out of the ordinary.

    For the multi site, take a look at this plug-in to manage the various permissions, etc. for each site.
    WordPress › Multisite Plugin Manager « WordPress Plugins

    ~Kacy :)
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    Thanks for the replies. Kacy, you're right, it's mod_security issue. Whenever I add a post with an image, I get a 404 error. I have to get their tech support to whitelist a rule and then it seems to work ok after that.

    It's a real issue. It's a shame, because apart from this issue, their uptime is good and their support deal with things properly. However, they are cheap, so I guess you get what you pay for.

    Istvan, yes, I realise I've gone in the wrong order, so I'm guessing I would have to setup WP MS, delete a subdomain, then let WP re-create it, then re-import the content?

    I'm hoping that this would help me 2 ways..

    1) minimise the amount of web space I require
    2) resolve the problem above because all the subdomains share the same WP install

    Thanks for your advice. Any other recommendations for UK Cpanel host? My sites are regionally marketed, so I don't see any point in having US host.


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    So far my cpanel host never gave me a problem. Maybe it depends on you hosting.
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