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By now most Warriors already have a page or two on free internet advertising, however there are many that don't have a page, or who use their page wrongly and don't make sales or get leads from it. So here's a little tutorial to help anyone who does not know what to do with their free page.

Overview of what free internet advertising is...
Free Internet Advertising is a free site where ANYONE can quickly get a full page to advertise pretty much anything they want, promote websites, and affiliate links or if you wish you can even promote individual products it's all the same to the site.

Step 1
Ok once you sign-up on free advertising you will have to choose a username, password and enter an Email address. If you read the TOS you will note you are NOT entered into a list, in fact you will never receive an email of them, the email is only for password recovery purposes.
When you login you go straight to your dashboard. You will see 3 icons.
The one on the left is where you build/edit your page. Click this first and build your free page. You should remember that the links that you place on this page are real SEO Friendly links, so a ratio of about 150 words per link will help you a lot to promote your own website is that is what you are doing. When you build your page you can also type in your own Meta Tags info such as description and Keywords. You should copy these directly from your own website or write something that is relevant to your own website or affiliate content.

You can use the simple editor to just write text or click the buttons at the top to add images/ YouTube videos etc. Just take your time to get it right first time.

Once you have built your free page, link it to your website using an anchor text, such as a keyword that you want to build the position in the search engines.

When you have finished building your free page, click save and go back to your dashboard.

Step 2.
Free Banner Advertising. Free Internet Advertising allows you to upload an unlimited amount of banners and they will be rotated across 1000's of pages for free. They give you 1000,000 (1 Million) free impressions per banner you upload. You should upload ALL of your affiliate banners that you have, even 10 from each program is perfectly fine. There is a lot of controversy regarding the effectiveness of banner advertising, but hey this is free so just do it!

I personally find that 1000,000 banners with a 1% click through rate gives me 10,0000 visitors and even with a low 1% visitor-to-buyer rate, that's still 100 sales per banner. That said I think I have 100 different banners in rotation on the site.

Step 3.
Free Viral Advertising. Once you have built your page in step 1 and added your banners in step 2, you should now click on the viral advertising icon or text. This gives you the opportunity to write a short promo for whatever you want and place a link to it on the viral advertising page. This link is NOT a follow link and you must visit a 5 other links before you can post your own free viral ad.

Once you have performed all 3 of the free advertising techniques the site offers, you can be sure that you WILL get results within a few minutes to a few hours. Of course the banner rotations will be going for many years and the more banners you added, the more return you should expect.
I have also noted that they are offering a free website too via one of the links in the dashboard, not too sure about this, but if it is half as good as the free advertising it should be fantastic.

Hope that help you guys get the most out of free internet advertising and earns you some money really easily.

Best regards
Arran Wood

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