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by YseUp
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Hey guys,

Here's the situation.

I have a squeeze page to which I drive traffic where I get people to sign up to my news letter for 3 free e-books.

Opt in rate according to AWeber is 40% per unique visit.

I have 9 e-mails set up.

Day Sent Open Rate Click Rate
0 100% 83.00% 50.00%
2 100% 64.00% 19.00%
5 100% 50.00% 12.00%
8 100% 46.00% 17.00% (Offer $7 product)
12 100% 44.00% 6.00% (This e-mail is info only)
16 100% 40.00% 34.00%
20 100% 33.00% 28.00% (Offer $27 product)
23 100% 44.00% 14.00%
26 No Data Yet

Days 0, 2 and 5 I sent out the 3 free e-books. Day 8 I offer the printable versions of all 3 plus 2 new ones for $7. Currently I get 5% of all subs to buy it.

I've created a $27 dollar product to sell on day 20, conversion rate is 0.5%

Now I can see there is an obvious drop off after the first e-mail. I think the e-book I offer is described accurately. The issue is that my approach to this niche is very polarising. 50% hate it, 50% love it. On various social media sites people are vocal both in the positive and negative sense. So it could simply be that lots of people disagree with my approach.

I'm wondering if I should offer just 1 e-book and start selling the $7 dollar product sooner? Or will that cause my high opt in rate to go down, if I'm only offering 1 e-book?

I don't want the $7 and $27 product to be too close to each other because they may be perceived as too similar.

What do you guys think of my numbers? Could I be doing better?
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    I think I would have to see the emails to give more specifics.

    However, it does take constant tweaking on each list.

    I keep asking myself, what if I read this, what would I expect to be given on the first email.

    I have found that some people will take the free stuff and opt out unless you tell them what else is coming up.

    Currently, I have a 99.5% success rate after tweaking the first emails several times.
    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

    Guaranteed 60% Opt In Rate Traffic-Real People-Fresh Today-High Quality Biz Opp traffic![/URL]
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    Hey Buddy,

    First of all, you've got to put yourself in your subscribers' shoes. Do you have the time to read 3 Ebooks in less than a week? I don't.

    It also depends how good the Ebooks are. I'd much rather have one short report that gets straight to the point and delivers what I want to know and more than 3+ Ebooks of fluff.

    If I were you, I'd focus on tweaking the opt-in page to really nail those "hot buttons" of your visitors. Then overdeliver and really WOW them on the opt-in bribe and give them a teaser of what is to come in the later emails.

    I also like to follow up really frequently at the start of any opt-in relationship to give value and show off a little. You're always going to get unsubs so don't fear them. Go with who you are and let your emails reflect that. You might get a smaller list at the end of it but it's focused and you have 50% of really like you instead of 100% who are "meh".

    I would suggest for your offers, don't feel like it has to be all "your stuff". There's plenty of money to be made from affiliate offers as well, and you can often get a higher profit for them without hitting them with the same thing every other week.

    Hope that helps. Let me know how it pans out.
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    Just looking at what you are writing on Warrior is probably not enough for me to make a complete analysis but to start, 3 eBooks for free (under 1 signup) seems a bit much. One will do just fine. I think the issue with the concept is information overload. How many pages are in each ebook? You may be giving them all the answers that they were needing in the first place and have no need to purchase the real product. OR they may be trying to digest all the information you sent them in the first week. Again I don't have your entire Business model but the key is to keep them wanting more, then sell something that answers their problems, fears, or lack of knowledge in the subject.

    You need to drip smaller amounts of info to the reader, maybe like a 7 day eCourse after sign up, then sell them something pertaining to the course afterwards. Give them small bits of information each day for 7 days and on day 8-12 don't hesitate to sell them the bigger product first. Do testing and sell the product on day 8 for a while, then day 9-12. All the while tracking conversion results. You will find the sweet spot!

    The bottom line is information then trust. Most people don't care who you are, they just want the fix, help, cure, or answer to SOLVE the issue NOW. If you continue to give them small amounts of knowledgeable info for a short period of time (like a eCourse) then brand recognition and trust sets in. If the potential customer hasn't found the answer yet online they will buy from you.

    Other things that can play a big role is Support/Contact. Being there beyond an automated machine "call/write if you need me". Social media "Hey let's be friends"

    But break up the monotony (3 eBooks) turn those eBooks sideways, and give out small portions of those books. That's probably a years worth of autoresponder information. Then put in a few products to sell in between. You will do great.

    Hope this helps - Pete
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    Try making a offer on your redirected thank you page. So after they leave their name and email put an offer on your thank you page. I have good luck doing this
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    Hey guys,

    I guess the first 3 are more reports than e-books (5 - 10 pages each).

    The $27 product is 150 pages plus some MP3s.

    I think I'll experiment with giving away just the first report... then include the rest with the $7 offer.

    I'm trying to get people used to buying from me, hence the low priced option.

    There still may be an issue with me giving away too much info... even though I think the $27 product is really good and I've had great feedback on it.
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    It's very important to send your list personalized GOLD nugget information from time to time, that's how you build that connection of a real person not someone digging in their wallets. You also want to make sure your copy on emails is friendly not directed toward a sale, an easy way of doing this is to start off by talking about something that happend to you and Sagway into the copy ya know? if you read top marketers liek Ryan Deiss and Frank Kern, then you will see a pattern in what they do and there is a reason.

    hope that helps, also NEVER promote lame products your list will see through the disguise.
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    lots of marketer right now just dont send series email to their list because it looks like spam. you can try to send out the expensive offer right after they are in your list. Every body send broadcast now.

    Hope this help

    Christopher Chan
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