Complete Instructions for Make Money Online and how a Computer Ate My Brains

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I've wanted to tell this many a time when I see posts about "How did you get started in Internet Marketing." I think I mentioned it once but not in detail.

Can anyone relate to this or am I the only one who suffered the attack of the killer PC?

It was a quiet day sometime in the last century. People were talking about a "Super Highway." A visitor from Battle Creek requested me to take them to see the Super Highway she heard about on the news.

I explained that the super highway everyone was talking about had something to do with desk top computers and when I found out more about it I would share with her.

I can't remember the exact day, however, I finally got my hands on a PC and joined the Internet, or as a lot of us called it back in the day, AOL.

The first day I signed on to AOL it was AWESOME, I could view a picture of any thing I wanted to see and it only took it about 10 minutes to appear, well sometimes longer, but I had other things to do so I'd do them while the amazing computer coupled with the super highway did it's thing.

There they were in living color appearing at my command, thousand year old trees, beautiful flowers, horses of all kinds and for the first time in my life I saw a picture of a two headed snake.

Again, I can't remember the exact day, but, eBay came into my life. That was when I got the complete instructions for making money online.

Complete instructions that "came to me...."

"Go on the PC and make some money." That was it. "Go on the PC and make some money." As you can see I had a lot of blanks to fill in.

I forgot to mention that the first time I went online I was staring at the monitor for hours that seemed like minutes. When I got up I staggered around a bit, grabbed on to something and just stood there dazed.

When I got home I told my wife. "That computer sucked my brains out," because that is the only way I could describe how I felt.

Well, with the complete instructions in mind, "Go on the Computer and make some money," the computer ate my brains a few more times in the next few months. After that the "effects" of surfing were not noticeable and I actually made a few dollars using eBay and other methods taught by early IMers some long forgotten and some legend.

And people want to know why we charge for our information.

What price brains?

That's my true experience. What's yours.
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    I feel like that everyday except my computer has not sucked my brains out - it has stuffed it so full with all the learning that I feel I am going to explode.

    It's no wonder I have a permanent headache.

    But ... as they say in the classics: No Pain. No Gain.

    My first sale will be the best headache tablet on the market

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      This is your brain while internet marketing:

      That should be titled "Escher meets HR Giger at a Grateful Dead concert."

      That is ... disturbing.

      Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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    It's okay George... brains are highly over rated.

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    I never had any brains to begin with so I'm safe.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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      Hi George,

      Please, do you remember Commodore 64? It was the first 'computer' (Amiga later) in our house I bought for my son in 1985. It was a 'cool' thing within our country (Beyond the Iron Curtain) then.

      I worked on the corporate world at that time. I confess, I felt some awersion to the 'machine' in those days. Consequently, I was a bit angry to see my son sitting front of the machine all the time. But, my wife calmed down me always: "let him to learn with that". And this went on for years.

      Guess, what is a man?

      Betcha! Little by little, I began to inquire about it. In my daily work I managed my offline business, and after that - if I wasn't quite exhausted - I learned that 'computer thing' on autodidact way. Of course, already on a desktop computer.

      I started to like the 'evil machine'. Your situation of "the computer ate my brains a few more times in the next few months" is familiar to me as well. But... I remember, how I was excited, when I could do my daily administration tasks with it.

      Hehe, took me more time than a professional. But, though! I did that.

      Since then? The computer and other related devices are part of life. I try everything to solve with it. Sometimes I'm happy with it, sometimes I'm annoyed.

      Sometimes I speak to it, asking: "why do you doing this now?" "You Brain Vampire!!!" "Wait, you teach me, or I teach you?" But... other times - when I calmed down - I tell to it: "ahh, so that was the problem?"

      As you can see, it becomes my partner in my activities nowadays. All I can to say, is if it were not, it would be invented.

      As for "And people want to know why we charge for our information", I think, people become more comfortable in the curse of times. I experienced, that many are too lazy to look after things on their own. They want useful information, on silver platter, but now!


      The useful information is based on your study, knowledge, experience (gained by trial and error), and last but not least, on your invested time to inventing or collecting or developing further that information. Maybe this is just a few hours for you, but - depending on your product's nature - it may require days or weeks. In some cases even years.

      And... while you invent or collect or develop something, your time goes with it. Whatever you do, you aren't able to bring back that time.

      So, I think, it is fair if you ask money for your that kind of information.

      Thanks for your thread,


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    I think it's not about the price of brain, it's about the price of information... you don't need to have it inside your brain, it would be enough to know where to find particular information that you can sell to someone who doesn't know where to find that particular information...

    And if someone is angry about you selling information and knowledge, who cares? It's his problem... And I always say: those who are angry on you would do the same thing (sell information and knowledge)... if they only have it...
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    Originally Posted by George Wright View Post

    And people want to know why we charge for our information.

    What price brains?
    Exactly. The internet is about as fragmented as my brother's hard drive. The information on anything at all, any topic we want to learn more about, is out there, somewhere. But it's way cooler being able to get what we need in one or a few sources. IMers can offer that "one stop one shop" for those looking for information that addresses their questions. People will always have needs and wants, and we just want to help fulfill those needs.


    It's not enough to want it... you have to want it enough.

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    You put a smile on my face with that article George
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    My first internet connection arrived when I took a job doing technical support for Compuserve.

    In order to guarantee I passed the computer test, I read the Microsoft Office textbook, so that they would not ask me a question I could not answer.

    That was in November 1995.

    I got the job, and within a couple weeks of getting the job, I bought my first home computer. I played Solitaire for three days, until I got my Internet hooked up at home.

    Then I proceeded to learn how to make money online.

    I think I was a bit slower than the average cat, because I did not actually make money online until 1999. But then, the folks today have so much more opportunity than I had way back when.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
    Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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      Originally Posted by Sandor Verebi

      Please, do you remember Commodore 64?
      I owned one also. Not the desktop model, but a portable briefcase model. The front of the unit would detach to reveal a tiny screen and floppy drive, and the detachable cover flipped over to become a keyboard. It weighed about a hundred pounds (only a slight exaggeration). I had a lot of fun with that thing, playing everything from Zaxxon to Frogger.

      I pulled it back out once in the 90s, and it still worked! I have no idea where it is now. I'd love to find it.

      /geek rant
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    You could learn how to develop your intelligence and acquire brain power. I give you many free lessons about a free mind development method.

    The pc didn’t eat my brain because my brain is too huge after all the development it passed through, but I’m not making enough money online because I face too much competition. However, I can say that the same laws that prevail in the offline world prevail online too. I had an offline store for many years because my family gave it to me as a gift, even though I hate selling. I learned how to like selling in this store, how to sell our products, and a lot more.

    After many adventures not only without making money, but also spending a lot of money online (without knowing anything about IM. I decided to study this matter only later – I thought I knew the basics!), I see that I'm making more money with services than with sales, and that those who give me more money are my regular customers and not the passengers.

    Exactly the same happens offline. We had many regular customers at the store, who would buy something every season. If you can provide services and have regular customers who ask for your services this is the best thing you can do. Regular customers are wonderful! You can also sell many products to the same customers, without providing services, but this is quite difficult. You must know what you are doing and how to get A LOT of traffic. Otherwise, you are in a desert.

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