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I have started a blog and my main idea is to promote Clickbank products. How do you guys write reviews on the products, do you buy them or approach the seller for a free copy and explain what you trying to do?

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    I usually wait till I have at least one sale and then write the merchant mentioning that and asking for a review copy. Some merchants are willing to do so, others have suggested I use my affiliate link and purchase. It is hard to write a review based on a sales letter. If I haven't made sales but have a background in that area , I mention that and show my websites to them.

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      try a google search of the product, and see if there are any reviews posted.
      Hard goods such as shoes and electronics are often reviewed by and others like ususally brings those up
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    Say you are promoting a dozen products through something like Squidoo. When you email a publisher, give them your Squidoo name so they can see that you are actually promoting products.

    A lot of people ask CB publishers for free copies just to get them free--without intending to sell them. If you have written articles reviewing products at ezinearticles, then give them your link to your profile page at ezine articles so they can see that. If you have posted videos promoting products to YouTube or other such sites, give them links to those.

    If they theink you are serious about promoting their product a lot of CB publishers will give you a copy of their product.

    I'll help you create a reputation-building evergreen product in any niche and launch it successfully!
    Check it out here.

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      I only ever give free products to affiliates having already sent sales.

      This protects my current affiliates.
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    You could write a temporary review of the product based on the salesletter, then approach the merchant requesting a free copy and pointing them to the page where you have written your temporary review so that they know you are serious about it. Otherwise, they might think you are just another freebie seeker.
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