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Curious to get everyone's opinion here.

I own a website that has all user generated content. As a result, it sort of turned into a user submission site for girls in thongs, etc.

The site gets lots of traffic.. Around 250K page views per day (7.5M/mo) and more than 5K unique visitors a day. Users spend a long time on the site and average like 37 pages per visit..

The revenue this site generates is soooo little.. around $300/mo which is also the cost of operating the site (colo & bandwidth fees)..

2 years ago our traffic was higher and we would generate around 2K/mo in profit, which I still felt was too little for the traffic we have. THen google changed some things and we went from the 1st page for very important keywords to like the 14th page.. Crazy!

Obviously, with this type of website, the demographic is going to be a lot of teenage boys.

The current revenue is all from text ads (we use adbrite and adengage). Back when our profit & traffic were higher, we also sold ads directly to customers (they would seek us). Since the google change, that dried up.

Just looking for ideas if anyone has this sort of website and is doing well monetizing it.

Thanks all!
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    I don't know if this is proper to place this here but here is a great forum post on one of the private adult webmaster forums I visit....Hopefully, this will answer your question...(some of it may apply...some of it may not)

    ***There is actually a lot of points here that every marketer could learn from****

    The moment you decide to sell porn, you have become an affiliate marketer. Your product just happens to be porn. Affiliate marketing on the web is HUGE. That was an understatement. You can learn a LOT by studying the tactics and strategies of mainstream affiliate marketers as well. But let's start at the beginning.

    People...The first and most important thing you need to have is REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS.

    Slinging porn is not a get rich quick scheme. Sales is a numbers game. So let's look at the numbers. The porn market is saturated as **** so the good ratios are 1:1000. Sometimes 1:2000. That's 1 sale for every 1000 surfers you send to a sponsor. And that's not website hits, that's sponsor clicks. Look for about HALF of your website or blog visitors to click thru to your sponsors website. So if you have 3000 website clicks in one day, that will give you approximately 1500 sponsor hits. With that you should make a sale per day or every other day right?

    Well what if you signed up with six sponsors? Now you gotta divide these hits up between the six. Takes a lot longer to get those sales. But let's say you get lucky and get six sales. 2 at one sponsor and 4 more between the others. However you need a minimum of $100 in sales before these sponsors will send you a payment. So at 30 dollars per sale you have grossed $240.00 for the month but will receive no check.

    So in the beginning don't go signing up for every sponsor. Choose carefully and best to keep it down to 1 or 2 in the beginning until you can build your traffic up.

    I'm a firm believer in setting goals and then setting plateaus to reach on the way to said goal. This goes for if you're a college student wanting to make a few hundred bucks a month to someone wanting a full time income so they can quit their job and tell their boss ****

    First goal for everybody is that first sale. It's a wonderful feeling. The validation of the work already put in and fuel for the fiery hope that you can achieve everything you want to in this biz.

    Ok but what to expect? Shoot for 1 sale in the first month. If you do 3 then shoot for 4 the next month. As said before sales is a numbers game and starting out you probably won't have the best sources of traffic out there. And what exactly are those you ask? The top 2 would be search engine and email. An email list of thousands of subscribers is a veritable goldmine because you can market to these people over and over again. Top positions (first 3 places for your keywords) in the search engines is the HOLY GRAIL of internet marketing with email promotion running a close second.

    As far as email goes the easiest route is a Yahoo Group or Google Group. Both allow adult and you would market these just like any other site. Backlink them from all of your blogs, etc. Post links to your group in other related groups. Every subscriber to your group is a potential future customer.

    From the beginning you should put statcounter code on all your blogs to keep traffic stats. Marketing is all about testing. Testing some more. And then testing again based on the results of previous tests. What happens when I post to social submit sites? How many days after I link dump does it take for my blogs to get indexed? What about when I add a feedburner feed that pings into the equation? And on and on. See someone can tell you do this and do that but in order for you to actually learn anything you will have to understand the results. This comes from doing it and observing what happens. Then you will come up with other little ideas based off of what you were initially told. In other words none of this is written in stone. There are no magical shortcuts and no easy money. It's all based on specialized knowledge.

    In other words you will get out what you put in. However the key is work smart as well as hard.

    "LONG TAIL PHRASES catch nice traffic. And keyword research.
    Anyway here's a tip. Choose a search term as the name of your blog and then use that search term in EVERY tite of your blog posts. For instance...

    big boob or thumblogger or whatever

    The title of EVERY post would begin with

    Big Boob Babes Blog Presents ...........
    then fill in the rest.

    If you do that and backlink properly you'll get favorable rankings for that term in google. I've done that with several thumblogger blogs and got on first page for highly competitive terms.

    Also interlink all your blogs. You definitely need a linking strategy.

    I decided a while back that I ain't writin sh*t. I just wanna make money. All these good sponsor rss feeds out here...

    What you should do is create some sponsor provided rss feed blogs that you don't have to maintain. There are some excellent ones out there that are wordy, being 2 to 3 paragraphs per post. Use those to provide backlinks to your main handwritten blogs or sites. Now if you have thumblogger you can create 30 blogs using rss2anywhere. So make 30 rss blogs that post once a day using rss2anywhere. Set them up and name them properly.

    Then submit one a day to ALL of twan's excellent directories. I averaged anywhere from 2-500 hits a day from there when I did that. So doing it daily the traffic compounds. So it got to the point where all the blogs I was submitting to twan was bringing in over 2k hits a day. And like I said. I don't write sh*t. Not a word. Nada. You track the traffic by getting a statcounter code and putting the same code on every one of those blogs. Now each one of those blogs is providing 30 backlinks a day to your main blogs. And of course keep them all interlinked.

    Also if I was you. I would sign up with IMLive (Pussycash) and put their banner at the top of every blog. The geo one that shows the girls that are live on cam. You would catch a few sales a month from them with the amateur girls geo live banner from those blogs you have in google. They pay 50-75 per signup. They also have crazy bonus deals every month.

    Ok. Sales is a numbers game. On average with decent traffic you're gonna get 1 signup for every 1000 sponsor clicks. That's not a website click. A sponsor click is when someone clicks thru from your website to the sponsor's tour site. Generally with decent traffic, for every 2,000 website clicks, you get 1,000 sponsor clicks. So figure about half of your blog visitors clicking thru to the sponsor.

    So what does all this mean? Well, how much money do you wanna make? 1 sale per day, 2? 3? $50 per day? $100?

    In order for you to make $100.00 per day, let's say that's 3 $35.00 sales, you would need AT LEAST 6000 website hits. Probably a little more. That would equate to 3000 sponsor clicks...if the traffic is good. Shitty traffic would **** up this equation.

    So why did I say all that? Because a few rss blogs is not gonna make you any money. You need hundreds, preferrably thousands. And they will only make up a certain part of your network. Gone are the days where you have 1 site that does 100k hits a day and you sit back and collect fat checks. You must have a network of sites working for you. You need to cast a wide net and grab as much real estate as you can in the search engines.

    Proper SEO knowledge is a must also. Because how you setup those rss blogs is important as well. Now, let's say you have 2,000 rss blogs, broken up into 20 interlinking mini-networks, with say 40% of the pages indexed. If each blog has 20 posts, you now have a lil over 40,000 backlinks you can generate for your handwritten blogs or other sites or whatever. Your rss blogs are getting indexed in google because you're not going after the standard 2 word keywords that every other blogger is trying to get. You're building for the 3 and 4 word combinations long-tail phrases that will get you indexed.

    So let's say your rss blogs are bringing in on average 10 hits a day each. That is a very low estimate if you build them properly. Do the math on that.

    I see on boards where people argue about "pure" blogs vs. splogs or whatever and I just laugh. None of that sh*t matters. It is all numbers. Period.

    And where you build is just as important. I know people argue about this as well but believe it or not, PR means jack sh*t for anything except selling links. There is something called trust rank or TR. This is the single most important factor because if a site has high TR, then duplicate content and all that other bullshit people spout off about does not apply to that site and it's also very easy to get indexed. I have several (more than 10) rss blogs that use the same feeds and the same post in that feed is showing up for different search terms in Google on all the different

    Don't just take what people say on the boards as fact. Even me.


    Now you can feed multiple blogs in different niches with rss2anywhere. You can put in 100 feeds. Then you just select 3 per blog according to the niche and feed the different blogs.

    I know this is a lot to take in and this is not some quick thing. I would say you can have a nice setup up and running and making decent money in about 6 months. You just have to plan, have a strategy, implement it and work steady and stick with it. Learn as much as you can about SEO strategies because then you'll be building with a purpose and not blindly like about 95% of the people out here trying to do this.

    Not hard to make lots of blogs, you just have to be consistent. Thumblogger is a good free host to start with. There a lots of them out there and some you can make blogs quicker. But first you have to be organized. As far as rss2anywhere, you can put 30 of your thumblogger blogs to be fed by that program. So, if you and your husband each have an account, that's 60 thumblogger rss blogs you can have. Now Twan just started a new site that can be fed by rss2anywhere, so that's a total of 120 blogs between the 2 of you.


    "Rss2Anywhere will take up to 100 feeds that you input. So you have several sponsors with different niche feeds. Let's say OCcash, Adult Elite and Traffic Cash Gold. So when you input the feeds keep them organized. All the OCcash feeds would begin with OC. All the Adult Elite feeds would begin with AE, etc.


    OC Booty Feed
    OC Latina Feed

    AE A*** Amazon
    AE Dirty Teachers Pet

    TCG Pimp My Black Teen

    When you input the feeds that way then when you have a hundred it's easy to scroll and find em.

    Then you go to your blog section and pick at least 3 feeds from different sponsors to feed each blog. So if you have a latin blog you might use the brazil and latin feed from OC, and the Latin feed from TCG, and maybe throw in the Latina Girl Girl feed from AE.

    Then just go through and feed all your blogs and have them to update ONCE A DAY. When you're adding feeds, after you've added all the feeds you're going to use for that blog, I hit the INTELLIGENT SORT link and the program places the posts in order and revolves thru the different sponsors. So 1st day would be AE, next day OC, next day TCG, then it starts over with AE and keeps going like that.

    You link all of these blogs together and each one should also have a backlink to your handwritten blogs or sites.

    Now you need backlinks to this network you're building.

    Every day submit 1 of your blogs to Twan's directories and his feedlists. Good traffic. Place the same statcounter code at the bottom of each of these blogs. So say you make 6 blogs the first day. Then start making a few each day after that. I wait until the blogs have at least 10 posts before submitting. So after a couple weeks you can submit every day a new blog as they'll be adding a new post every day.

    That's long term.

    Short term which is as soon as the blog has a post. Start getting one way backlinks from social sites. There's a list of them on Netpond that are for porn. Also go to ONLYWIRE.COM and set up an account. You will then have to setup an acount with all the social sites they post for. Once you do that then you post to onlywire and it saves your backlink to all the social bookmarking services they can post to at once. That's gonna give you several high quality backlinks at once.

    Here's another good place to save your links.


    I stated earlier that PR was basically only good for determining link sale prices. Here's another thing it's good for. Basically you know that sites with high PR like 7 or above are crawled frequently and daily by google. So putting your link on those sites will get it indexed quickly.

    Here's a PR 8 site that I use that also brings good traffic

    myFavorites: myFavorites

    Yahoo is also good for this

    My Web BETA - Interesting Today - Yahoo!

    Using the same feeds all over again: I think this is where people get stumped and never get past this "fear" of duplicate content. These blogs are your rss feed blogs. Their purpose is to provide backlinks to your network of hand-written blogs. You are building these for VOLUME. You are trying to conquer niches with massive numbers.



    Lot's of times you will see Google linking directly to your posts for search results. Bottom line is on this network there's no fussing about dup content or using the same feed on different blogs. Like I said before I have different blogs using the same feeds indexed in google for the same post from that one feed. That post shows up for DIFFERENT search terms on different blogs. I have seen this so many times. Just build your network and interlink it.

    If you have 90 or more feeds then you can mix and match to your hearts content.

    Don't worry about the same posts from feeds hittin different blogs on the same day. Just build and

    How to begin:
    Ok first thing. Sign up for these sponsors if you haven't yet. They have good feeds in different niches.

    OCcash, Traffic Cash Gold, Adult Elite, Pimproll and Top Bucks

    Now you make a couple text files that will sit on your desktop. In the first you go to each sponsor and get the feed addresses and copy to the first file. So for each feed you would have title and then the address.

    Ex. Adult Elite
    Sweet Suckers
    Feed address

    Dirty Teachers Pet
    Feed Address

    The Mother ****
    Feed Address

    and on and on. Grab the feeds by site instead of by niche. Some sponsors give the option of getting feeds they have grouped by niche. Get the individual feeds for each site because that will give you more variety.

    In the second text file you will group these feeds according to niche. Example.

    list all amateur feeds from the different sponsors

    list all interracial feeds from the different sponsors

    list all black/ebony feeds from the different sponsors

    list all milf feeds from the different sponsors

    and on and on for latina, asian, big tits, etc. and whatever else you can think of.

    Also start adding all these feeds from the different sponsors to your rss2anywhere account.

    Build your first RSS blog. Give it a good name with a long tail keyword . Feed it with some feeds according to niche. Only link from this blog to your handwritten blogs. Get some backlinks from social sites and see how long it takes to get indexed. So that would be your "lead-off" blog for your network. As you build more you just keep them all interlinked and link from them to your handwritten blog. Don't link from the handwritten blogs back to these blogs though.

    Now for this first blog:
    The only banner is gonna be IMLIVE at the top. The rest is all text. Very simple setup. I use the same template and colors for EVERY ONE of my That cuts out all the time deciding on sh*t that does'nt mean sh*t when it comes to google like background colors, banners in the sidebars, pretty design, etc. As long as it's easy to read and navigate.

    Build all your blogs the same way.
    These are not your main blogs – these are your backlinks.”
    "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." Ben Franklin
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      wow, thanks for the reply.
      Mom and Pop Money WSO *** - How ONE Lead Capture Page Made $9K in 2 Weeks in the "Offline" niche! >>> (Twitter)
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        This is an excellent, excellent reply!
        I've learnt something today! Thanks Simon_Sezs!

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          brand spanking new to this forum but I have to admit that this was one of the best post I ever read. RSS feeds can add fantastic value.

          Cheers for this great reply.
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    I have more adult themed websites for link building, please let me know.
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    Offer them offline services
    Do something with the email list you have..
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      Id be interested in potentially advertising on your site. PM me with any details if interested.


      "Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure."
      -Norman Vincent Peale

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    Thanks for the quality reply simons..

    Even though the majority of visitors are teenagers, you could test some CPA offers and see if they convert well..


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    @Simon: Talk about a COMPREHENSIVE, USEFUL, and helpful reply... *thumbs up*
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    excellent well done great reply!!!!!!!
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    How about getting in contact with a male pornstar who is well endowed to do a short ebook on how to make a woman feel great in bed, just like a male pornstar would do?

    You could split profits and I really think one or two of them would love to get the exposure. Think of what would happen if you sold this product to just one percent of your monthly traffic.

    I am member of an online forum with 700,000 members, and the romance and sexuality section gets the highest traffic. Why? Everyone likes sex. Plain and simple. The average man thinks about it once in ten minutes. Think about that.

    Sometimes, the key to making millions have come from very simple but often overlooked ideas.
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    RSS Feeds? yeah.. ok in 2014?? LMAO
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    This is an excellent post and very weighty, thanks so much for the insight.
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