Squeeze Page Before Launch?

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Hey guys,

I am currently building my first website, but it won't be ready for launch for a few weeks.

I am pretty much brand new, I have no list, no affiliate contacts, etc.

Would it be a good idea to put up a simple squeeze page as the homepage of my domain and start driving traffic to it? Just as sort of a prelaunch so I have someone to tell when the website goes live?

Or anyone have any other thoughts on things I should do before my website goes live?

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    People often do that on a product launch. They set up the squeeze page that provides hype about the upcoming launch. They build anticipation to the point people will sign up just to be the first to know when it launches.

    It's a very effective strategy.

    You might want to prepare a few auto responder messages when you do this to keep them interested. Feed then a few reminders and 'sneak previews' of what's in your product. And don't forget to add your final launch messages to start a day or two before launch - so, give them the countdown starting 5 days early. Let them know the excitement that your product is already creating - and you haven't even launched yet!

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    yes, that is a pretty nice trick.. i guess it was John Reese who said this (?) that in Internet Marketing you have to make everything an event and a good squeeze page with a nice autoresponder exactly helps you to do that.. the best part is that like sylviad mentioned you don't even have to do that yourselves because you can program your AR to do that for you.. carefully done it can be pretty powerful on launch day!

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  • Even I you only get one lead, you have won can't loose with this
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    Building a niche list of subscribers should be the first step to any successful Internet marketing campaign.
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      My website is going to be a free giveaway on the front end. An ebook, a script, and some videos. What are some good ways to drive traffic to this squeeze page? I am trying to avoid PPC as much as I can.

      Maybe split the ebook up into small articles and submit them?

      Any good ideas on how to drive some quick traffic there before the launch?

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        Originally Posted by Tyson Faulkner View Post

        My website is going to be a free giveaway on the front end. An ebook, a script, and some videos. What are some good ways to drive traffic to this squeeze page? I am trying to avoid PPC as much as I can.
        What monetization method/model will you be using on the back end?

        Sorry, my eyes are still screwed up from another thread that didn't fully appreciate white space.... so from what I've read in your OP, you're simply launching a website?

        I know I'm missing a few marbles and also a few pieces to this puzzle like what type of website and also maybe the theme of the website and a small detail like who your future customers are - what's their profile?
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          Hey Clark,

          My website is going to be a free giveaway on the front end, with a one time offer after the opt-in.

          The whole website is going to be about using tell a friend scripts effectively, with the main product being a script that is a bit souped up to deliver more/better results than the free ones you just download anywhere.

          That's the basic 'theme' of the site.
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    I would head over to jvnotifypro.com and try to get it up on there. I would even consider moving your launch back to see if you can get on that site.
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    I use Twitter to drive a lot of traffic to my blog, but you have to drive the traffic to a page that offers value. What I do is write a post for the blog, and then tweet a link to it, like: "How To Get The Media To Pick Up Your Press Release", with the link leading to the page.

    I can easily drive several hundred visitors in a day to my blog doing this, according to my Google Analytics. But I wouldn't recommend doing that to a squeeze page/sales page - I don't think it'll work.
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    Ok - I must say that this post had me really motivated to get started - I thought it said "squeeze page before lunch" lol.

    Any way, I have seen squeeze pages with a count down to launch and opt in form. Curiosity gets me every time with these squeeze pages. I'm on a number of unnecessary lists thanks to these countdown pages.

    Good luck.
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    I would certainly build up a squeeze page first and then you have a list to offer it to on launch
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    Hey brother !!

    To me, it not only seems like the best option but in this case of building up to the launch with prior list.. The Only option !

    IMO you gotta do it bro !

    As said above you may be well advised to move back the launch date, there is no shame in this. You say you have not driven traffic yet and have no list so you are letting no body down right ?!

    I suspect this launch is important to you.. The last thing you want to do is rush it out quick and look back wondering what went wrong

    Get everything in place, set the sales funnel out on paper infront of you then let it RIP bro !!

    Just set out the process on paper or in a notepad doc. Something like ...

    1 - squeeze page ( xx amount of days before launch )
    2 - autoresponder series to follow ( build hype to launch )

    ** Perhaps in you AR series a day or 2 before launch send out the first few pages to build even more hype !

    3 - LAUNCH !!!!! Go Go Go .. Pow Pow

    You get what I mean lol

    Like you say, the last thing you want is to flop on launch day and be staring at the screen of your analytics at a flat line

    I wish you the best of luck .. Make it work brother !

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      Ok so I am going to go ahead and do this:

      Set up a squeeze page that is very short, so you don't have to scroll down or anything, it's all on the one page. It will have a headline and some bullet points about what they will get at launch.

      Now the problem I have is getting traffic to the squeeze page. I am going to take some of the ideas from the free report that I am going to be giving away and write a few articles to submit to the article sites. I'm not real sure on how to keyword optimize articles yet so I guess I'll just wing it. How important is that anyway?

      One thing I am afraid of though is that taking time to write articles and submit them is going to detract from the time I can spend building my website, so it will take even longer to get it ready for launch. Seeing as how this is my first product, should I just be trying to get it out as soon as possible to start working for me? Or will it be worth trying to get a few subscribers before the launch?

      Any insights?

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    Cheers Tyson,

    I hope it works out well for you.

    Will you have an affiliate program for the OTO?

    If you do then you might want to impress that upon the folks who sign up in the pre-launch phase... choose Clickbank 'cause most will purchase through their own affiliate link for the discount (Shhhh... don't tell anybody that )

    Give the full blown script away to a couple of people (not for free) but exchange for a social proof statement (testimonial) detailing the results of the scripts use.

    Turn that into a case study which can also be drip fed into a sequential autoresponder series.

    Be sure to choose someone 'influential' within the circles of the market you're going after for maximum power and also choose someone who is a complete newbie starting out so your market can properly visualize/identify themselves in either scenario.

    Enjoy it and I hope you do well with it.
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