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I have a small website set up, and some good products available. I am lacking, the most important part of online sales..... traffic. I am fairly new at the whole thing, and could really use some help. I don't have a lot of extra capital to invest right now, so a small start (or $0) to get me going, is what I need help with. The best ways to get started, and then I know I have to spent money to make money. Follow links in Signature to my site.
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    Hi Mr Maverick,

    I looked at your website.

    Ermmmm - maybe you should as well.

    One of your pages says this...

    Send me One Million FREE Guaranteed Visitors
    Our system is similar to others you may have seen on the Internet with one major difference... our system guarantees traffic to your website!

    THERE MUST BE A CATCH!! (you say)
    Yes, there is a catch. (a teeny-tiny one) The "cost" for using the free traffic system is that you will receive one email message each week. That's it. You don't pay any money for using the system. You'll receive either a member newsletter, or a review of a business product, or a sponsor ad. But no more than one email each week, we promise. What you do with that email message is up to you. You can read it, or delete it without reading it. (or even set your mail filter so you don't even see the message) The good news is that you won't pay a penny for using FreeViral. It's all free!
    And are asking US for traffic advice ?
    Isn't a million visitors enough ?
    or ... maybe it don't work all that well
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    I'm not sure if it works, it seems to require traffic into itself to generate traffic to me?? Sure what that is about, but so far, I have not seen an increase
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    Looking for tips and ideas to get more traffic to my website....seems like what I have tried is not working, and I don't know where to go next.
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    I'm thinking everyone would say article marketing is the best way to generate trafic. I havent used AM before, so I can't really say. But I do struggle to write artciles, so for me I would have to outsouce it. You can try yahoo answers or craigslist or even ebay which is a method I using now for traffic.

    "$100 On eBay with just 10 Minutes Work! {120+ copies SOLD}"

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    With apologies to Colonel Kilgore, "I love the smell of irony in the morning!" :rolleyes:
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      Originally Posted by Mike McBride View Post

      With apologies to Colonel Kilgore, "I love the smell of irony in the morning!" :rolleyes:

      LOL! brilliant!

      if you are selling something to do with traffic generation, why don't you just use the techniques in the product?

      after all, that banner on your website guarantees 1 million hits a month!
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    do not forget offline marketing.

    they also work pretty well.

    I advice ou to write short ads in newspapers and magazines.

    Business cards with website in creditcardslots at the gastation.

    all those creative offline advertising produce very very well.
    "If we could sell our experiences for what they cost us, we'd all be millionaires."

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      The methods I use are Article Marketing, one keyword optimized article a day for a new site. Social bookmarking, DoFollow sites only. You can try Socialmarker.com for this. Blog commenting on blogs with a PR 4 or higher and specifically ranked for my sites content so they are on relative sites.

      Of course for any of this to work your site has to be Keyword optimized and SEO'd. When I looked at your site it gave me no reason to stick around and I am sure it gives the search engines no reason to give your rank or search position. I would loose the "Navigate the pages to the left" paragraph and put some real content there. On the left you have several links to programs but your first page has nothing important.

      Use Google's keyword Tool and find keywords you want your site to rank for. Then write (or get) some articles that use those keywords and put them on the front page. I know you want to sellt he products on the left but you can't do that if you do not have a reason for people to come to your site. Your front page has to give them the reason.

      So my suggestion for getting more traffic is to write articles that are keyword optimized using the same keywords you have used to optimize your front page, blog using the same keywords, join several DoFollow social sites and start using them, and comment on related higher PR blogs.

      All that is just for starters.

      Find out how this guy went from being over $40,000 in debt to having total financial freedom and how you can to.Click Here: Freedom ~
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    The answers you seek are within tons of different posts of this forum. You'll have to do some digging around here to find the "how-to" of the above suggestions.

    Either that or buy some of the recommended traffic-building products or hire marketing help. Definitely join the War Room if you can swing it.

    You'll have to put some sweat-equity into your site. I did not look at it, but apparently by the responses your product is wrong for your level.

    Maybe start-over at the beginning and choose a different market. Identify a group of people that are buying online and find a quality product to sell them.

    Then you can build your site(s) and drive traffic using the above methods.

    Wishing you the best of success

    To Your Success !!
    - Rupps

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    All you need to know (and more):

    7 Sexy SEO Secrets

    All the best, Allen

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